Sunday, June 1, 2008


So my weekend was interesting ! lmao. Met Arnelle's bitz ass ! HA. But friday I went to Arnelle's for a bit. Fuckin she is so funny. Omg met this guy...He so damn niceeee, so sweet, funny, and hella cuteeee! WTFAK. I don't wanna mention names. But he lives in Long Beach :[ ughh. Iuno....we'll keep in touch for sure butttt iuno. It's ok. Hella crushing though I guess...But it was really nice meeting him for sure. Friends no matter whaaat :]Then Mics picked me up from home and ish then went to Emma's to finish getting ready for OUR GIRLS NIGHT OUT ! Can I say fun?! We had like 20 bitches in the damn movie theater in one section haahahah. So cuteee. We ate at Claim Jumper and then watched Sex and the City. CUTE MOVIEEEE ! Awwww. Hahahaa. THen after Bern and I went to pick up AR's lil sis from MGM. LMAO. Good times Bern if you know what I mean. Anyways. Went to HOM after.Ej waited for me. Cuz he wanted to leave. Hahaha. So I stayed for about 15 minutes then Ej and I dipppped. Ew who says dipped lmao. Anyways. Yup went home and knocked the hell out.

SO WOKE UP around 1. Ha. Tried to make up my dance but got nowhere. So just chilled at the Barba's house until Mico picked me up. Ummms. Went to his house cuz he had to change. Played with his cute doggies. Then we went to meet up with his bro. OH GOSH the most hilarious thing happened with his brother. HAHAAHHAA. So his brother was driving and we were meeting him up, so he is backing up, and he was hella fuckin high too, so he back ups in to a damn car, and me and Mico were like wth?! But when he backed up into the car, he acted like it was nothing HAAHAHAHAH. He didn't turn around or act shocked, he just looked chill and acted casual AHAH. Omgsh Mics and I were DYING. HAAHAH ! So funnnnnny. But after that we went to Groove to teach my damn class lol. It was whatevvvv. THena fter that. Went to eat at Amigos Tacos with Mics and Johne. GOOD FUTCHIN TIMES. Hahahaha. Mexican channel, talks, FOOD. geeeeezez. But yeee I went home. Got ready. Back out. Stopped at Arnelle's first. Said Hi to some ppl. Chilled for a bit. Said hi and bye to him. Cuz I don't think I'll see him for awhile. But it's all good. So after went to HOM. Some girls birthday. Was aight. Did something I will prolli never do again hahahahaha. I was dyiing HA. Anyways. Saw ex boy. Brought my futchin mood down ! But it went back up cuz my friends hahahaha. But yeah we was outside he came out. Said a lil hi to me. But I didn't say hi back . lol What a bitch I am. Anywaysssss ! I chilled there until 5 then left. Chewy ran away :[ They can't find him. Poor doggy. But yeah Mac and Aaron stopped by for a bit. and yeeeeee. But yeah night was random and fun at the same time. Went home and knocked the hell out.

So i'm getting confirmed today. Got last minute school stuff! And umm...tryna make up dance in two weeks for Ellis. My song is Janet Jackson-That's theWay Love Goes. UGHHHHH. So hard cuz that so not my style but the song is sick no doubt. Haha. BuT. Yaya. Last 3 days of school this weeeeeek. Loves it. Ok I'm going to get ready now. ;] God Bless everyone !

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