Sunday, July 27, 2008


Was futchin fun. My team was Joseph, Jessee, Johnny, & Reggie. The other team was Thug, Bro, Terance, Deseree, & Hazel. Of course our team won. Haha fuckin Reggie's ass. There was a tie on one and Joseph and Terance had to rock, paper, scissor it and futchin Joseph sticks out one finger like wtf? Needle lookin ass?! HAHA. So funny. Reggie was hella into it all yelling and shit. Drawing an "arrow" towards the kitchen and shit hahahaha. Hella fun. But yeah, Hazel wanted me to cut her hair haha. Crazy. I'm supposed to today but idk. I have to finish my BZ class. Reggie and Bro bought their helmets. THey look like futchin bobble heads hahaha. So funny, anywhooooooo! I think I'm going there later on tonight after I teach Thuggie half of my piece cuz she's assisting me! YEEEE. It's hot in my house, I'm packing for the week right now, waiting for my damn laundry! Also waatching Wizard of Oz =) Yaya. Ok I will write latuhhhhh. Yay Meccamee.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


So I just woke up from falling asleep downstairs so I came up to my room. Friday was chill. Went with Reggie to get his nose done again. I had the worse pain with my eyes. I couldn't open them it was horrible. Reggie was looking at me like wtf? Haha. He got his piercing and it looked better. He likes it now. He said it hurt more and it still hurts. I got home and then looked for an old school song. My Uncle told me State of Shock-The Jacksons. So I fell in love with it for some reason and I believe I'm going to teach that for Boogiezone instead of My Drive Thru. Man! I hate music for being so great that my indecisive ass can't pick. Oh well. Sleep time. Goodnight!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Practicee

So last night Joy & Jayce slept over. Bro and seeestah cutesy. haha Joy and I stayed up a bit and talked about ish. Jayce had school in the morning and we all went to sleep like around 4 or 5. But yeah ! Joy & I woke up around 2 because Jayce called and brought us Subway and JR haha. So all of us are here watchiing ABDC. UMM! Tonight is practice again but at Smash 7:30. We are geting tested to see if we know our dances haha. Boy Jay's Janet piece is fucking me up! Haha. Lemme see CALI ON MONDAY WITH JAY & ELLIS! BOOGIEZONE MECCAMEE WEEK! Holy caca! I'm so stoked. Thug is assisting me & maybe Bri. Anywhoo.

Tomorrow is my resting day. Just wait for Reggie to get off work and go get his piercing again. Then Saturday is Rascals auditions and Hypnotix BBQ. Nothing much. I can't wait for next week. I can't wait to start our "old school" set. It's gonna kill. =) I started my piece already to Prince-I Would Die For You. But I'm also thinking about a Janet song. It's gonna be hard!

WORLD OF DANCE IN THE BAY SEPTEMBER! Another Meccamee road trip =) Going to be so much fun.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Practice

So yesterday was Meccamee's first practice with the new team ! But before practice, so funny, Reg and I made spaghetti. HA oh my goodness, so sad how we can't even follow directions hahahaha. It was ok tasting but funny tasting! LOL! Never again. Cannot cook with that nigga he plays too damn much haha. Anyways...

Meccamee, they already learned AM Kidd. In less than 2 hours. Good fuckin stuff. Everyone is so hyped for next week! Today we are learning Krispy & guy/girl pieces. Time to get on those knee pads for that girl piece ! Cuz I for sure fucked mine up when I learned it hahaha sooo sad. After that, Ivy, Jayce, AR, Johne, & I went to In N Out !! YUMM ! Then to GJ's to dranks up. Good times. Good people. Good laughs. Met some dope "feefees" as GJ would say HAHA! But yeah. i love it. Jeka & C-Mart left today. Aww! Imma miss them ! But Jangles is still here =) Mkay i need to clean and I will update about practice later tonight .

UPDATE! @ 3:18 am.

lovely AR haha

AR's alien lookin ass face

Sexy Johne.


Practice makes Perfect!

Well AR, Johne, & Jayce just left my house. We watched Running Scared and they were all practicing Falsetto. So cute haha. "DO WORK !!!!" "LESSS GOO !!!!" Haha! SO OMGAH ! No more Hip Hop International performance ! DAMNIT! Hahah it's all good gives us more time to prepare for LVMA's. Old school theme =) I'm going to choreograph to a Janet song of course. Either "Black Cat" or "If" YEE! Hm. Today we taught the newbies Girls/Guys piece. Omgah doing the girls piece, everyone was all new and it was so weird doing it in formation haha. Like wait?! WHAA?! Haha not in a bad way. It's dopeee. Guys killed, girls ripped, shit can you say hella loving team?! AR is hella stoked and loves it =) I'm so glad. Thuggie too. Amazing. Well I'm sleepy and I have a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow ! Goodnight!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meccamee Auditions

AHH! Meccamee auditions turned out great ! I was late because of fuckin Reggie. Haha and plus I got lost ! Embarassing walking in all late. But we have about 30 heads on this years team. But some are only alternate. Not a bad thing at all! So proud of everyone ! Congratz new team! We have rehearsal all week, so basically hell week! Hip hop internationals Wednesday the 30th! Exhibitioning reppin Vegas. Exhiting. New studio and everything. UMMMM!

Got my nose pierced. So did Reggie. HAHA. I went over to Auntie's cuz he wanted to see my piercing and he was asking if it hurt and shit. We were just talkin about it then he was like let's go get mine! I was like wtf? Ok haha ! I was like are you serious?! All random. I told him he was gonna chicken out. He was scared as hell. So we went over to my house, and Chanelle was hella stompin on his ass about me and him. HAHA So funny. Felt good though =) But anyways, we went to Bad Apple and Mic did his piercing too. He was shaking poor thing. So he got it pierced, haha I think these pictures will be self-explanitory.

Haha awww. Lmao! Oh my geeezez. So we leave and he looks in the mirror and he says it's crooked. But when I saw Mic put the shit in his nose, it was for sure straight. So we get home and it's hella crooked. And Reggie's all pissed off throwing a fit and shit. Keeps complaining, so he takes it off. Like some amounts of time later, he looks at the piercing and it's crooked. It wasn't crooked after all. It was just the piercing lmao. So he tried to put it back in. I tried to put it back in. Bro tried to put it back in. We all tried. But here check this picture out hahahaha.

Hahahahaha. I can't get over that pic. Mkaaay so yeeeah. I'm just chillen at home right now. Made dinner for Bro, Thuggie, & Reggie. Made some yummy chicken. Today Reggie and I gave Pepper a bath hahahha. Poor Pepper =( Hella shedding hair! Bro bought him a shedding brush. But yes Pepper smells better now. Thank goodness. EH well Hell week this week =) Hip hop internationals next week ! & MECCAMEE WEEK AT BOOGIEZONE! Jay, Ellis, & I are teaching =) Yay way to rep Meccamee. Love it. Love you. Goodnight!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I just got back from jogging around the park and playin bball with Mico. HAHAOMG can you say out of shape?! But fuck Mico helped me on my shot, and not i shoot so much better. THANX ! Makin them shots like nothing haha. Too much fun. Good stuff.

Today was pretty interesting. I broke down again today about my family situation. I'm doing find but I still have my moments where it just hits me like a bullet. Joseph and Reg were telling me wussup and made me feel better. Thanx dudes. But yeah, Thank you for being there for me and caring for me. Couldn't wish for better a better friend.

I'm gettin my eyebrow re-pierced tomorrow. Or today I should say. Or I might get my nose re-pierced. AHhH ! I can't figure out which one I want. But hm we shall see ! Goodnight ! I'm worn out ! =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


WAHAHAHA. This blog shit is getting ridic! So funny. I'm not even going to say anything because it's a waste of my time.

Anyways ! Waste of my life. This week is PDC workshop and Meccamee auditions ! Excited much. Then in two weeks is Meccamee week at BOOGIEZONE ! Jay, Ellis, and I are teaching! Yipee ! Cali here we come ! Then August is HIP HOP INTERNATIONALS ! Oh what?! Damn crazy weeks coming ahead to us Vegas cats.

Debate with the moving situation. I DON'T KNOW ! Ughh. Such a hard decision. I need serious help bitzez haha. But hmph. Let all this shit pass and then I'll clear my head from all these crazy dance thangs ! Haha.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Thing On My MIND!

OK SO ! I'm sitting here watching old dance videos and what not and it just got me mad that some people don't support what I do best. Dance is the only thing I have in my life and something that I am actually pretty good at. It makes me happy that people look up to me and say " i wish i can dance like you.." Can you say wow? Now how does that make me cocky? I'm not saying " I'm the shit " or " I'm an amazing dancer " or blah blah ! You know what I mean...Can you guys give me a break? Dancers aren't retarded. We express our emotions in a way other people can't. It's a LOVE. And a PASSION. Dance is beautiful to me.
Why am I writing this? Shit IDK. I love it so much. It's what I really want to do. No bullshit. Stop making fun of me because I love dance so damn much. It's my life. It really is....I know some people laugh when I say that dance is my life. Why? Why do you laugh at that? I don't really see what's so funny about it? This is going to be my career. What I'll be doing for the rest of my life. yeah I'll have a backup plan in my life, but this will be in my life forever.


So my week in cali was amazing ! =) left Monday night with George and got to Chino at about 2 in the morning. Stayed at Jenise's the whole week. Assisted JP at SI5 @ TM. Good to see everyone again =) Umm went to six flags on Thursday. THen Friday I went home =) Flight was at 9:55 pm. Niggah picked me up =) Then we watched Finding Nemo and I fell asleep. Umm, Saturday did nothing about half of the day. Thuggie came ovuhhh. We all went to Town Square to drop Joseph off to work. Chilled, ate, yadada. Then waited for Thuggie to get out of class. Bro and I went to Thug's daddy's pool house. WOW her dad was drinking with us. He so nice ! Had many conversations with him. He was all, " So out of the guys here, which one is yours? " Hha i was like Um none?! HAHA Then he goes " If you were to choose, whichone? " LOL! So funny ! But I had a great time. EAT SPAACH ! I don't know how to spell it but that's how you say "go to sleep" in Polish hahaha. Paul and I knowww wussup ! HAHA. But yeah left around 3ish? Got home and crashed ! But any whoo !!! Here's JP's class @ TM.

Left to Right: Jeremy, Me, JP, & Alexis.

Good times. Maybe try out for TM this year =) Now that I am able too!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Boxcutters Weekend

So this weekend, was one of the best weekends! I hung out with Daff all damn weekend. She was living at my house haha. She told her parents she was in Cali haha. What a stoops ! But yeah, Saturday was Boxcutter's day ! Daff and I woke up around 11ish and got ready. Left around 12 and got crisp chicken burritos! Got to Backstage II around 1 cuz that joint is far! First class was JP, taught to N.E.R.D.-You Know What. Groovy piece I loved it. Next was Landeezy he taught to Lisa Shaw-Stylin. Sick. So simple but sick. I loved it. Then Jun taught Cater to you! I was like whaaat?! Haha. So Jun as always. Enjoy these videos...

Jp's Class. Select Group

Lando's Class everyone. Red polska shirt representing Polish PPL! Aka thuggie =)

Sorry I don't have Jun's yet. But yeah ! I'm sore =( Havn't danced like that in awhile ! This saturday Shaboobs is teaching ! Um ANYWAYS the rest of my weekend. After class we all went to eat Sushi at Sushi Twister. Then Daff and I went home to recover from our tiredness. Being lazy asses. Jonathan and Reg stopped by to say hello =) Then Daff and I got ready and went over to Lando's hotel to chill. Jay was there with his gf and friends, Bri, Jayce, Christian, and Karen. We drank a little bit then went to Mushashi! That place was so good ! It was about 3 3o in the morning. Musashi is like a Benihana! But BETTER ! We had a great cook. He was hecka funny ! Dude had hella jokes. Oh my geeeez. He kept messing with me haha. But yeah Daff and I went home then Knocked the futch out ! We woke up around 2ish. Lazy asses we were. We went to church at 5 together and then to Eman and Johne's hockey game. Aww it was fun ! They hella stank after !!! GEEEZ. So gross ! THen we went to Roberto's and met up with Lo and Justin. Waited for Thuggie and Bro to get there so we could go ghost hunting. Went to some cemetery, was not scary at all, then we tried to look for Miller's Ranch, did not find it! Waste of my life hahaha. But it's ok, haha. Went home then knocked out.

I have to say, Daff and I have not hung out like this in a good minute, We had so many damn inside jokes ! Oh my geeeeez. hooRRRD. FOT. Ten....TEN TEN! Making fun of caca. Driving around not knowing what to do. Laughing our lives away. MAN. You don't even know ! I miss her so much and I'm glad we got to hang out ! Good weekend! Yaya! Omg Reggie if you are reading this, you are the most annoying mother fucks! Lmao holy shit. You don't even know. Love you though stupid boy.

Cali maybe tonight to assist Jp Goldstein at SI @ TM. =) We shall see!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

So today was the 4th of July ! Woke up from Daffi's and she didn't have to go to work ! So we chilled at her house for a bit then went to my house so I could get ready ! Showered up then went over to Auntie's house. They invited us over to bbq so Daff and I went. Chanelle went to the park with EJ. Hazel and Johnny were there along with their friends. Plus the kids and that was it ! We had bbq and ribs. It was yummy. Especially that guacamole me and Daff were munching on the whole time haha. Tito kept trying to make me sing karaoke! Ew no haha i'm embarased =( Mom came home and she told me i'm a regular there and not to be shy haha. And that I could always be there without Jonathan or Reggie and make myself comfy haha. I appreciate that. I feel comfortable there now. Tiffany didn't want to invite kayla over because she says Kayla steals me away from Iffy. HAHA! Omgsh so funny. Not true silly girl. Haha Mom was all " IFFY YOU'RE BEING RIDICULOUS! " haha. I had a good time there.

After Daff and I went to Lo's house because his family was BBQin. So we get there, his mom answers and was like " Excuse me who are you here for? " We was all like umm Lo? She's like WHO? We all um Carlo?! She says THERE'S NO CARLO HERE? hahahahaha. Then she opens the door and starts laughing and Lo is standing right there haha. Fucker. I felt so moded haha. His momma is so cutessss ! Lo looks like her. They showed us Lo's baby pics haha. So cute ! He looked like an azn fob ass hahahaha.

After chillen there for awhile, we went to Daff's to pick up her stuff and met up Lando and em. Adonis and Jem were there too. Walked around PH for awhile then went home. Got home and was wonderin who was this person behind me followingme in the mirror, and I park and it's Thuggie. HAHA wth? So I say hi and Jonathan comes outside too. Then I ate over at Auntie's house again. haha I scared her when I walked in. She didn't know Jonathan went outside lol. Yup ! Ate the food like there was no tomorrow then went home cuz Daffi was at my house. Walk in and she hella knocked out on my bed.

WELL Boxcutters workshop tomorrow afternoon ! Best rest up for that 5 hours of dancing ! Yay ! Goodnight !