Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

So today was the 4th of July ! Woke up from Daffi's and she didn't have to go to work ! So we chilled at her house for a bit then went to my house so I could get ready ! Showered up then went over to Auntie's house. They invited us over to bbq so Daff and I went. Chanelle went to the park with EJ. Hazel and Johnny were there along with their friends. Plus the kids and that was it ! We had bbq and ribs. It was yummy. Especially that guacamole me and Daff were munching on the whole time haha. Tito kept trying to make me sing karaoke! Ew no haha i'm embarased =( Mom came home and she told me i'm a regular there and not to be shy haha. And that I could always be there without Jonathan or Reggie and make myself comfy haha. I appreciate that. I feel comfortable there now. Tiffany didn't want to invite kayla over because she says Kayla steals me away from Iffy. HAHA! Omgsh so funny. Not true silly girl. Haha Mom was all " IFFY YOU'RE BEING RIDICULOUS! " haha. I had a good time there.

After Daff and I went to Lo's house because his family was BBQin. So we get there, his mom answers and was like " Excuse me who are you here for? " We was all like umm Lo? She's like WHO? We all um Carlo?! She says THERE'S NO CARLO HERE? hahahahaha. Then she opens the door and starts laughing and Lo is standing right there haha. Fucker. I felt so moded haha. His momma is so cutessss ! Lo looks like her. They showed us Lo's baby pics haha. So cute ! He looked like an azn fob ass hahahaha.

After chillen there for awhile, we went to Daff's to pick up her stuff and met up Lando and em. Adonis and Jem were there too. Walked around PH for awhile then went home. Got home and was wonderin who was this person behind me followingme in the mirror, and I park and it's Thuggie. HAHA wth? So I say hi and Jonathan comes outside too. Then I ate over at Auntie's house again. haha I scared her when I walked in. She didn't know Jonathan went outside lol. Yup ! Ate the food like there was no tomorrow then went home cuz Daffi was at my house. Walk in and she hella knocked out on my bed.

WELL Boxcutters workshop tomorrow afternoon ! Best rest up for that 5 hours of dancing ! Yay ! Goodnight !

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