Tuesday, July 15, 2008


WAHAHAHA. This blog shit is getting ridic! So funny. I'm not even going to say anything because it's a waste of my time.

Anyways ! Waste of my life. This week is PDC workshop and Meccamee auditions ! Excited much. Then in two weeks is Meccamee week at BOOGIEZONE ! Jay, Ellis, and I are teaching! Yipee ! Cali here we come ! Then August is HIP HOP INTERNATIONALS ! Oh what?! Damn crazy weeks coming ahead to us Vegas cats.

Debate with the moving situation. I DON'T KNOW ! Ughh. Such a hard decision. I need serious help bitzez haha. But hmph. Let all this shit pass and then I'll clear my head from all these crazy dance thangs ! Haha.

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