Monday, July 7, 2008

Boxcutters Weekend

So this weekend, was one of the best weekends! I hung out with Daff all damn weekend. She was living at my house haha. She told her parents she was in Cali haha. What a stoops ! But yeah, Saturday was Boxcutter's day ! Daff and I woke up around 11ish and got ready. Left around 12 and got crisp chicken burritos! Got to Backstage II around 1 cuz that joint is far! First class was JP, taught to N.E.R.D.-You Know What. Groovy piece I loved it. Next was Landeezy he taught to Lisa Shaw-Stylin. Sick. So simple but sick. I loved it. Then Jun taught Cater to you! I was like whaaat?! Haha. So Jun as always. Enjoy these videos...

Jp's Class. Select Group

Lando's Class everyone. Red polska shirt representing Polish PPL! Aka thuggie =)

Sorry I don't have Jun's yet. But yeah ! I'm sore =( Havn't danced like that in awhile ! This saturday Shaboobs is teaching ! Um ANYWAYS the rest of my weekend. After class we all went to eat Sushi at Sushi Twister. Then Daff and I went home to recover from our tiredness. Being lazy asses. Jonathan and Reg stopped by to say hello =) Then Daff and I got ready and went over to Lando's hotel to chill. Jay was there with his gf and friends, Bri, Jayce, Christian, and Karen. We drank a little bit then went to Mushashi! That place was so good ! It was about 3 3o in the morning. Musashi is like a Benihana! But BETTER ! We had a great cook. He was hecka funny ! Dude had hella jokes. Oh my geeeez. He kept messing with me haha. But yeah Daff and I went home then Knocked the futch out ! We woke up around 2ish. Lazy asses we were. We went to church at 5 together and then to Eman and Johne's hockey game. Aww it was fun ! They hella stank after !!! GEEEZ. So gross ! THen we went to Roberto's and met up with Lo and Justin. Waited for Thuggie and Bro to get there so we could go ghost hunting. Went to some cemetery, was not scary at all, then we tried to look for Miller's Ranch, did not find it! Waste of my life hahaha. But it's ok, haha. Went home then knocked out.

I have to say, Daff and I have not hung out like this in a good minute, We had so many damn inside jokes ! Oh my geeeeez. hooRRRD. FOT. Ten....TEN TEN! Making fun of caca. Driving around not knowing what to do. Laughing our lives away. MAN. You don't even know ! I miss her so much and I'm glad we got to hang out ! Good weekend! Yaya! Omg Reggie if you are reading this, you are the most annoying mother fucks! Lmao holy shit. You don't even know. Love you though stupid boy.

Cali maybe tonight to assist Jp Goldstein at SI @ TM. =) We shall see!

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