Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Practice

So yesterday was Meccamee's first practice with the new team ! But before practice, so funny, Reg and I made spaghetti. HA oh my goodness, so sad how we can't even follow directions hahahaha. It was ok tasting but funny tasting! LOL! Never again. Cannot cook with that nigga he plays too damn much haha. Anyways...

Meccamee, they already learned AM Kidd. In less than 2 hours. Good fuckin stuff. Everyone is so hyped for next week! Today we are learning Krispy & guy/girl pieces. Time to get on those knee pads for that girl piece ! Cuz I for sure fucked mine up when I learned it hahaha sooo sad. After that, Ivy, Jayce, AR, Johne, & I went to In N Out !! YUMM ! Then to GJ's to dranks up. Good times. Good people. Good laughs. Met some dope "feefees" as GJ would say HAHA! But yeah. i love it. Jeka & C-Mart left today. Aww! Imma miss them ! But Jangles is still here =) Mkay i need to clean and I will update about practice later tonight .

UPDATE! @ 3:18 am.

lovely AR haha

AR's alien lookin ass face

Sexy Johne.


Practice makes Perfect!

Well AR, Johne, & Jayce just left my house. We watched Running Scared and they were all practicing Falsetto. So cute haha. "DO WORK !!!!" "LESSS GOO !!!!" Haha! SO OMGAH ! No more Hip Hop International performance ! DAMNIT! Hahah it's all good gives us more time to prepare for LVMA's. Old school theme =) I'm going to choreograph to a Janet song of course. Either "Black Cat" or "If" YEE! Hm. Today we taught the newbies Girls/Guys piece. Omgah doing the girls piece, everyone was all new and it was so weird doing it in formation haha. Like wait?! WHAA?! Haha not in a bad way. It's dopeee. Guys killed, girls ripped, shit can you say hella loving team?! AR is hella stoked and loves it =) I'm so glad. Thuggie too. Amazing. Well I'm sleepy and I have a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow ! Goodnight!!!

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