Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meccamee Auditions

AHH! Meccamee auditions turned out great ! I was late because of fuckin Reggie. Haha and plus I got lost ! Embarassing walking in all late. But we have about 30 heads on this years team. But some are only alternate. Not a bad thing at all! So proud of everyone ! Congratz new team! We have rehearsal all week, so basically hell week! Hip hop internationals Wednesday the 30th! Exhibitioning reppin Vegas. Exhiting. New studio and everything. UMMMM!

Got my nose pierced. So did Reggie. HAHA. I went over to Auntie's cuz he wanted to see my piercing and he was asking if it hurt and shit. We were just talkin about it then he was like let's go get mine! I was like wtf? Ok haha ! I was like are you serious?! All random. I told him he was gonna chicken out. He was scared as hell. So we went over to my house, and Chanelle was hella stompin on his ass about me and him. HAHA So funny. Felt good though =) But anyways, we went to Bad Apple and Mic did his piercing too. He was shaking poor thing. So he got it pierced, haha I think these pictures will be self-explanitory.

Haha awww. Lmao! Oh my geeezez. So we leave and he looks in the mirror and he says it's crooked. But when I saw Mic put the shit in his nose, it was for sure straight. So we get home and it's hella crooked. And Reggie's all pissed off throwing a fit and shit. Keeps complaining, so he takes it off. Like some amounts of time later, he looks at the piercing and it's crooked. It wasn't crooked after all. It was just the piercing lmao. So he tried to put it back in. I tried to put it back in. Bro tried to put it back in. We all tried. But here check this picture out hahahaha.

Hahahahaha. I can't get over that pic. Mkaaay so yeeeah. I'm just chillen at home right now. Made dinner for Bro, Thuggie, & Reggie. Made some yummy chicken. Today Reggie and I gave Pepper a bath hahahha. Poor Pepper =( Hella shedding hair! Bro bought him a shedding brush. But yes Pepper smells better now. Thank goodness. EH well Hell week this week =) Hip hop internationals next week ! & MECCAMEE WEEK AT BOOGIEZONE! Jay, Ellis, & I are teaching =) Yay way to rep Meccamee. Love it. Love you. Goodnight!

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