Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Thing On My MIND!

OK SO ! I'm sitting here watching old dance videos and what not and it just got me mad that some people don't support what I do best. Dance is the only thing I have in my life and something that I am actually pretty good at. It makes me happy that people look up to me and say " i wish i can dance like you.." Can you say wow? Now how does that make me cocky? I'm not saying " I'm the shit " or " I'm an amazing dancer " or blah blah ! You know what I mean...Can you guys give me a break? Dancers aren't retarded. We express our emotions in a way other people can't. It's a LOVE. And a PASSION. Dance is beautiful to me.
Why am I writing this? Shit IDK. I love it so much. It's what I really want to do. No bullshit. Stop making fun of me because I love dance so damn much. It's my life. It really is....I know some people laugh when I say that dance is my life. Why? Why do you laugh at that? I don't really see what's so funny about it? This is going to be my career. What I'll be doing for the rest of my life. yeah I'll have a backup plan in my life, but this will be in my life forever.

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