Sunday, July 27, 2008


Was futchin fun. My team was Joseph, Jessee, Johnny, & Reggie. The other team was Thug, Bro, Terance, Deseree, & Hazel. Of course our team won. Haha fuckin Reggie's ass. There was a tie on one and Joseph and Terance had to rock, paper, scissor it and futchin Joseph sticks out one finger like wtf? Needle lookin ass?! HAHA. So funny. Reggie was hella into it all yelling and shit. Drawing an "arrow" towards the kitchen and shit hahahaha. Hella fun. But yeah, Hazel wanted me to cut her hair haha. Crazy. I'm supposed to today but idk. I have to finish my BZ class. Reggie and Bro bought their helmets. THey look like futchin bobble heads hahaha. So funny, anywhooooooo! I think I'm going there later on tonight after I teach Thuggie half of my piece cuz she's assisting me! YEEEE. It's hot in my house, I'm packing for the week right now, waiting for my damn laundry! Also waatching Wizard of Oz =) Yaya. Ok I will write latuhhhhh. Yay Meccamee.

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