Sunday, July 13, 2008


So my week in cali was amazing ! =) left Monday night with George and got to Chino at about 2 in the morning. Stayed at Jenise's the whole week. Assisted JP at SI5 @ TM. Good to see everyone again =) Umm went to six flags on Thursday. THen Friday I went home =) Flight was at 9:55 pm. Niggah picked me up =) Then we watched Finding Nemo and I fell asleep. Umm, Saturday did nothing about half of the day. Thuggie came ovuhhh. We all went to Town Square to drop Joseph off to work. Chilled, ate, yadada. Then waited for Thuggie to get out of class. Bro and I went to Thug's daddy's pool house. WOW her dad was drinking with us. He so nice ! Had many conversations with him. He was all, " So out of the guys here, which one is yours? " Hha i was like Um none?! HAHA Then he goes " If you were to choose, whichone? " LOL! So funny ! But I had a great time. EAT SPAACH ! I don't know how to spell it but that's how you say "go to sleep" in Polish hahaha. Paul and I knowww wussup ! HAHA. But yeah left around 3ish? Got home and crashed ! But any whoo !!! Here's JP's class @ TM.

Left to Right: Jeremy, Me, JP, & Alexis.

Good times. Maybe try out for TM this year =) Now that I am able too!

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