Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Practicee

So last night Joy & Jayce slept over. Bro and seeestah cutesy. haha Joy and I stayed up a bit and talked about ish. Jayce had school in the morning and we all went to sleep like around 4 or 5. But yeah ! Joy & I woke up around 2 because Jayce called and brought us Subway and JR haha. So all of us are here watchiing ABDC. UMM! Tonight is practice again but at Smash 7:30. We are geting tested to see if we know our dances haha. Boy Jay's Janet piece is fucking me up! Haha. Lemme see CALI ON MONDAY WITH JAY & ELLIS! BOOGIEZONE MECCAMEE WEEK! Holy caca! I'm so stoked. Thug is assisting me & maybe Bri. Anywhoo.

Tomorrow is my resting day. Just wait for Reggie to get off work and go get his piercing again. Then Saturday is Rascals auditions and Hypnotix BBQ. Nothing much. I can't wait for next week. I can't wait to start our "old school" set. It's gonna kill. =) I started my piece already to Prince-I Would Die For You. But I'm also thinking about a Janet song. It's gonna be hard!

WORLD OF DANCE IN THE BAY SEPTEMBER! Another Meccamee road trip =) Going to be so much fun.

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