Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I just got back from jogging around the park and playin bball with Mico. HAHAOMG can you say out of shape?! But fuck Mico helped me on my shot, and not i shoot so much better. THANX ! Makin them shots like nothing haha. Too much fun. Good stuff.

Today was pretty interesting. I broke down again today about my family situation. I'm doing find but I still have my moments where it just hits me like a bullet. Joseph and Reg were telling me wussup and made me feel better. Thanx dudes. But yeah, Thank you for being there for me and caring for me. Couldn't wish for better a better friend.

I'm gettin my eyebrow re-pierced tomorrow. Or today I should say. Or I might get my nose re-pierced. AHhH ! I can't figure out which one I want. But hm we shall see ! Goodnight ! I'm worn out ! =)

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