Sunday, August 24, 2008

ayeeeeeee yi yi yi yi

SO I'm chillen here with Mike, Jayce, & VR and we all just watching friends. Haha. It's so good ! I love this show !!! Awww we all just crackin up and havin a good time. Futchin Friends marathon and shit cuz I got all seasons =) AH. Yee. But SHIT !
Last night I had a kickback and now my house was a mess! HOLY CACA! So whack. But it was fun. I still feel drunk. I don't even know what time we all slept. I don't even know who slept here! HAAH! Wtfacks! But yeah it was good seeing everyone again! Ah. It's nice =) Good times. Meeting new ppl and what not. AH. Ok imma go outs with Jayce I think. To meet up with Johne! SOOOOO. gahhh.... I'll update latuhh!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy day

Ah. Whackness I'm like half asleep right now. I have Meccamee practice from 12-4. Then *Groove Project from 6-9. Then futchin GJ's 23rd. AH. I'm gonna be too pooped to party up and shit. Haha. Whatevvs. OH I bought a hamster yesterday! Her name is Fefe(pronounced feefee) haha. She's a lil cuezzz one! I picked out the fattest one too. THe one that was eating. Haha. AR's gay ass keeps calling her a rat. Mutha fucka. It's a damn hamster! Last night she was running hella fast in her spinny wheel. It was too damn funny. She's cute and I'm gonna take very good care of her =) Ok time to go to practice =( It's pretty damn far. Haha. Update tomorrow.

Updated August 17. 12:00.
OK! I had like the best futchin weekend. OH MY DEAR. Slept over Verzosa's house for two nights with Jawkeen. GJ's bday party was fun. Fucked up. Had my fun haahha. EW! Then knocked out at their house. Woke up to stupid shit. Then fuckin Jawkeen, Bri, Bern, & I were recording ourselves doing stupid shit. Or should I say Jawkeen doing stupid shit hahahaha. OMG! We watched Matt Cady's Disney video. Dying for hours. We started speaking "chinese" and shit. HAHA. Omg so funny we basically stayed in Bri's room for 5 hours entertaining ourseslves. Then we went to Jay's party. 2nd Lt!!!! Congratz Jay! Didn't even want to drink. Alcohol looked so nasty to me! Ugh. But Jay got mad and made me take a couple shots. Even that made me sick. NASTY. But Bern & I were fuckin crackin jokes like there was no tomorrow. "OH NERRRRR" HAHAH! Holy shit. Pretz as always having us laugh so damn hard. Arvin Bern and I basically were laughing so damn hard the whole time. But yeah went home with Jawk and Bri, were fuckin sleepy as hell but we were up for some weird reason. Eating pizza and talking about stuff. Might try out for ABDC Season 3. Haha. Anyways. We had to sleep cuz we had rehearsal 113o in the morn.

Woke up around 10:30 and took a shower. THen went back to sleep. Jawkeen woke us up at 11:15 panicking we were gonna be late. But no one was moving. We didn't leave the house till like 12ish hahahah. Practiced for awhile then went to the library. We teched yada yada got ready. We all looked so ridic. Hahah so dope. We had so much fun performing, so many fuck ups. Much laughing. Yelling. Haha. Meccamee's set went well. Had so much fun. THen *Groove's set was ridic as hell. Didn't know shit hahaha. Fucked up adonis' piece hahahahaa. Ppl started screaming for me ahahahah! Oh nerrr. I yelled too when I messed up it was funny. THen at the end I bumped into Eisha and Ivy hahahah. I heard Jackie laugh at me. But dude, that small ghetto show aws so much fun! We need more shows like that ! No pressure! No stress! It's amazing. A good feeling and good times. That made me happy =) After we went to In N Out! Too many damn dancers aat in n out spread over the place! THen after we went to watch Mirrors. Oh my geez I was scared to deafff. Hahaha. I jumped and shit. Closed my eyes. HAHA. So funny. But anywhoooo. Yeah. Good weekend. I needed it. I love my bitzez! I love my Meccamee. Ahhh. I'm so happy right now. =) Tomorrow Daff is babysitting Aamiyah, so Aubz and I are going with her, and we gonna go job hunting for me. I love daff. With fuckin " BAGGY FITTED SHIRTS" Oh fuckin nerrrr. I love it i love us. We cannot be separated! Ok I'm going to eat some Mac N Cheese =) YUMMM. Now it's game time for WOD! Meccamee Lesss go baby! Do work!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I know shit has been hectic lately but fuuuck. I just wanted to know, has anyone ever taken the time to understand how this relationship affected me? Hurt. Fuckin brokenhearted. That's it. Not a great feeling. All I can do is wait for time to pass this part of my life by. I appreciate you talking to me Erika. Fuck the bullshit. It's not you who I should be mad at. You did nothing to me. It's all him. Just ignore my little random outbursts when i'm angry or sad ha. It'll happen. But soon it'll all be over. Yeah it is easy to say =\ but it's gonna be hard to do.

Blah. It sucks.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old School

I taught my piece and they liked it =) Hahah GJ goes " You're crazy " lol. It's a lot of hair everywhurrrrr! Lol. I taught to Buffalo Stance-Neneh Cherry. Hella 80s. They enjoyed it. It's just a piece to have fun while your dancing. Jawkeen taught after me. HOLY SHIT. Fierce. He did Danger-11h30. Fanny Pack did that song. So sick. I can't wait for us to kill that shit. I'm sore though from trying to hit hard just like him. I think our set for Sunday is going to be all fun. Old school attire and everythang. We just wanna have fun =)

Aubrie and her cousin are here. Crazy ass will keep me company for awhile thank goodness. So um I'm not going to school anymore. I had a talk with my Uncle and Chanelle and got my mind twisted. So my Uncle wants me to move to LA like asap and start in the Industry dancing out there. Idk. I talked to Reggie about it and he put his input. He said if I needed a place to stay of course they'll take me in. Cuz they planning on moving out. I told him, at home I feel like I'm not doing anything, and if I get out, i'll finally start on what I want to do. And plus that will give me a head start on moving to LA. Build up my resume, learn how to live on my own, yada yada ya dig? It's a scary feeling but I gotta do what I gotta do. I know my family will be upset that I'm not going to school RIGHT NOW. Like what my Grandma said, " If you don't go to school don't bother talking to me.." Ha when she said that I was like wow. OK? Whatever happened to that 11 years of training at Dellos you paid for? Just to waste it? And she be saying " OH EJ IS GONNA BE A GREAT DANCER" When she don't even support mine? I don't know I gotta do things for MYSELF. Not for anyone else. It's frustrating but EH!

Ok I'm g oing to go tan because I don't want to look white on stage hahaha.

Monday, August 11, 2008

ayy bitch, shat up!

That's all I have to say =) So yesterday we had our Project *Groove shit. HAHAH Omg last minute shit yeah?! It's already on Sunday and fuckin I don't know what I'm doing hahaha. Ramey and I went shopping today for our 80's fit. Ramey be hella bright like a futchin highlighter. I'm wearin the damn tutu. HAHA. Ahhhh Practice tonight ! KJFSKLDFJLSDJF. I'm teaching my old school piece. It's a whatev piece.

Oh no Ramey just went in the bathroom to try on her shit HAHAHA. I can't wait for this. HAHAH fuckin 80s bitch. Shit looks so funny. She be rockin highlighter ass shorts with purple leggings and an old school Nike shirt ahahaha. GET EM. Damn we bout to throw yall back to the 80s on Sunday ahhaahah.

Anyways if you don't wanna deal with it then why you be blogging about it? Obviously it was on your mind. Haha.

Ok gotta get ready ! JFSKLJDSLFKJDl IGGZ

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello hello hello. We are starting our old school set for Meccamee. I'm teaching today I believe my old school piece. A Janet song of course. EJ taught yesterday. Pharcyde-Pass Me By I believe....It was dope. Ellis Ellis Ellis...he taught he piece for WOD, WOW is all I gotta say. I LALALALALALOVEEEE IT ! Oh man. =) It's making me excited for WOD. Haha.

So two days ago was the twins birthday! I already bought Reggie's gift and gave it to him couple days ago. So I went out to buy Joseph a shirt from AA. I called up Jessee and told her I was going to decorate their apartment window so she wanted to come. So I call Reggie up to make sure he wasn't home or going to be home, but he said he was driving ! And I didn't wanna ask him where he was going to so my plan didn't work =( We were on bad terms though and didn't really want to talk to each other. So Jessee met me at the mall and we went shopping for the other twin. She helped me get a shirt for Joseph and I helped her get a shirt for Reggie. Then jessee went to buy Joseph's Burberry wallet. Haa. THen we treated ourselves to cheesecake factor. YUMMY Chinese chicken salad! And our waiter that was flirting with us hahaha. Then we tried to go to that Bundt cake place where they sell BOMB cakes! But it was closed ! We were upset. Geeesh. So we just bought them ice cream bake =) Jessee went home to charger her phone and I went home, Reggie's car was outside Mom's so I called him to go outside and get the stuff I had. He was surprised I called and told him that Jessee and I bought them a cake. He said he was all giggly hahaha. What a fag. But yeah he invited me over and I fell asleep. He apologized to me yada yada. Then Jessee and Joseph came over we all ate. Joseph liked his shirt I got him thanx to Jessee hahaha. =) Then the family and all of us sang Happy Birthday to them. Reggie was all embarassed haha. So cute. We got a couple cute pics of them cutting their cake. But yeah, Saturday we supposed to go out too? Idk what for Reggie just told me to come so Idk. But yeah, Happy Birthday twins =) A nice little birthday was cool. Reggie put cake on my face and I put more cake on his haha. So funny. Jessee and I had a fun day together too wondering all over the place. Old niggahs =) Love you boys.

So I gotta finish my piece and gotta get ready. Reggie picking me up I think, we going to CSN to take our placement tests. Update latuhhh.


Blowing the candles =)

Reggie making fun of me.

cueeeeez =)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Boogiezone went well. I taught to Black Tongue-Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not as many ppl as Ellis and Jay's class but it was well worth it. =) Thuggie was my assisstant and she did fabz! So much fun and I feel great for teaching a BZ Class! YEE =)

Anyways I'm bored here at Reggie's place so I'll just blog whatevers. UMM. Thug and I went to Melrose Thursday and walked around cuz we decided to get something for the boys. She got bro a Hall of Fame hat and he liked it. I bought Reggie his b-day presents. So I'm done with that thank goodness. I bought myself a Huf LA hat hahaha. Just cuz it said LA lol. Of course Reggie be hating haha so funny. I don't even wear hats but for some reason I really liked that one. Melrose was wonderful as always. Nice weather in the mustyness of LA. Haha.

So I havn't been home for a week and I'm kind of excited to be going home! Haha stoops. I registered for school and everything but I jus need to take my placement test for Eng and Math. Yay. UMMM! What else is new umm...Meccamee is doing WOD in September and our first show is August 17

AHHH I just got off the phone with Austin and I'm gonna get ready so Daff and I can pick him and Brandon YEE ! Aww my TM Babies =) I'm super excited ! Ok TIME TO GET READY ! BYEEEE!