Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello hello hello. We are starting our old school set for Meccamee. I'm teaching today I believe my old school piece. A Janet song of course. EJ taught yesterday. Pharcyde-Pass Me By I believe....It was dope. Ellis Ellis Ellis...he taught he piece for WOD, WOW is all I gotta say. I LALALALALALOVEEEE IT ! Oh man. =) It's making me excited for WOD. Haha.

So two days ago was the twins birthday! I already bought Reggie's gift and gave it to him couple days ago. So I went out to buy Joseph a shirt from AA. I called up Jessee and told her I was going to decorate their apartment window so she wanted to come. So I call Reggie up to make sure he wasn't home or going to be home, but he said he was driving ! And I didn't wanna ask him where he was going to so my plan didn't work =( We were on bad terms though and didn't really want to talk to each other. So Jessee met me at the mall and we went shopping for the other twin. She helped me get a shirt for Joseph and I helped her get a shirt for Reggie. Then jessee went to buy Joseph's Burberry wallet. Haa. THen we treated ourselves to cheesecake factor. YUMMY Chinese chicken salad! And our waiter that was flirting with us hahaha. Then we tried to go to that Bundt cake place where they sell BOMB cakes! But it was closed ! We were upset. Geeesh. So we just bought them ice cream bake =) Jessee went home to charger her phone and I went home, Reggie's car was outside Mom's so I called him to go outside and get the stuff I had. He was surprised I called and told him that Jessee and I bought them a cake. He said he was all giggly hahaha. What a fag. But yeah he invited me over and I fell asleep. He apologized to me yada yada. Then Jessee and Joseph came over we all ate. Joseph liked his shirt I got him thanx to Jessee hahaha. =) Then the family and all of us sang Happy Birthday to them. Reggie was all embarassed haha. So cute. We got a couple cute pics of them cutting their cake. But yeah, Saturday we supposed to go out too? Idk what for Reggie just told me to come so Idk. But yeah, Happy Birthday twins =) A nice little birthday was cool. Reggie put cake on my face and I put more cake on his haha. So funny. Jessee and I had a fun day together too wondering all over the place. Old niggahs =) Love you boys.

So I gotta finish my piece and gotta get ready. Reggie picking me up I think, we going to CSN to take our placement tests. Update latuhhh.


Blowing the candles =)

Reggie making fun of me.

cueeeeez =)

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