Sunday, August 24, 2008

ayeeeeeee yi yi yi yi

SO I'm chillen here with Mike, Jayce, & VR and we all just watching friends. Haha. It's so good ! I love this show !!! Awww we all just crackin up and havin a good time. Futchin Friends marathon and shit cuz I got all seasons =) AH. Yee. But SHIT !
Last night I had a kickback and now my house was a mess! HOLY CACA! So whack. But it was fun. I still feel drunk. I don't even know what time we all slept. I don't even know who slept here! HAAH! Wtfacks! But yeah it was good seeing everyone again! Ah. It's nice =) Good times. Meeting new ppl and what not. AH. Ok imma go outs with Jayce I think. To meet up with Johne! SOOOOO. gahhh.... I'll update latuhh!

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