Saturday, August 2, 2008


Boogiezone went well. I taught to Black Tongue-Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not as many ppl as Ellis and Jay's class but it was well worth it. =) Thuggie was my assisstant and she did fabz! So much fun and I feel great for teaching a BZ Class! YEE =)

Anyways I'm bored here at Reggie's place so I'll just blog whatevers. UMM. Thug and I went to Melrose Thursday and walked around cuz we decided to get something for the boys. She got bro a Hall of Fame hat and he liked it. I bought Reggie his b-day presents. So I'm done with that thank goodness. I bought myself a Huf LA hat hahaha. Just cuz it said LA lol. Of course Reggie be hating haha so funny. I don't even wear hats but for some reason I really liked that one. Melrose was wonderful as always. Nice weather in the mustyness of LA. Haha.

So I havn't been home for a week and I'm kind of excited to be going home! Haha stoops. I registered for school and everything but I jus need to take my placement test for Eng and Math. Yay. UMMM! What else is new umm...Meccamee is doing WOD in September and our first show is August 17

AHHH I just got off the phone with Austin and I'm gonna get ready so Daff and I can pick him and Brandon YEE ! Aww my TM Babies =) I'm super excited ! Ok TIME TO GET READY ! BYEEEE!

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