Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy day

Ah. Whackness I'm like half asleep right now. I have Meccamee practice from 12-4. Then *Groove Project from 6-9. Then futchin GJ's 23rd. AH. I'm gonna be too pooped to party up and shit. Haha. Whatevvs. OH I bought a hamster yesterday! Her name is Fefe(pronounced feefee) haha. She's a lil cuezzz one! I picked out the fattest one too. THe one that was eating. Haha. AR's gay ass keeps calling her a rat. Mutha fucka. It's a damn hamster! Last night she was running hella fast in her spinny wheel. It was too damn funny. She's cute and I'm gonna take very good care of her =) Ok time to go to practice =( It's pretty damn far. Haha. Update tomorrow.

Updated August 17. 12:00.
OK! I had like the best futchin weekend. OH MY DEAR. Slept over Verzosa's house for two nights with Jawkeen. GJ's bday party was fun. Fucked up. Had my fun haahha. EW! Then knocked out at their house. Woke up to stupid shit. Then fuckin Jawkeen, Bri, Bern, & I were recording ourselves doing stupid shit. Or should I say Jawkeen doing stupid shit hahahaha. OMG! We watched Matt Cady's Disney video. Dying for hours. We started speaking "chinese" and shit. HAHA. Omg so funny we basically stayed in Bri's room for 5 hours entertaining ourseslves. Then we went to Jay's party. 2nd Lt!!!! Congratz Jay! Didn't even want to drink. Alcohol looked so nasty to me! Ugh. But Jay got mad and made me take a couple shots. Even that made me sick. NASTY. But Bern & I were fuckin crackin jokes like there was no tomorrow. "OH NERRRRR" HAHAH! Holy shit. Pretz as always having us laugh so damn hard. Arvin Bern and I basically were laughing so damn hard the whole time. But yeah went home with Jawk and Bri, were fuckin sleepy as hell but we were up for some weird reason. Eating pizza and talking about stuff. Might try out for ABDC Season 3. Haha. Anyways. We had to sleep cuz we had rehearsal 113o in the morn.

Woke up around 10:30 and took a shower. THen went back to sleep. Jawkeen woke us up at 11:15 panicking we were gonna be late. But no one was moving. We didn't leave the house till like 12ish hahahah. Practiced for awhile then went to the library. We teched yada yada got ready. We all looked so ridic. Hahah so dope. We had so much fun performing, so many fuck ups. Much laughing. Yelling. Haha. Meccamee's set went well. Had so much fun. THen *Groove's set was ridic as hell. Didn't know shit hahaha. Fucked up adonis' piece hahahahaa. Ppl started screaming for me ahahahah! Oh nerrr. I yelled too when I messed up it was funny. THen at the end I bumped into Eisha and Ivy hahahah. I heard Jackie laugh at me. But dude, that small ghetto show aws so much fun! We need more shows like that ! No pressure! No stress! It's amazing. A good feeling and good times. That made me happy =) After we went to In N Out! Too many damn dancers aat in n out spread over the place! THen after we went to watch Mirrors. Oh my geez I was scared to deafff. Hahaha. I jumped and shit. Closed my eyes. HAHA. So funny. But anywhoooo. Yeah. Good weekend. I needed it. I love my bitzez! I love my Meccamee. Ahhh. I'm so happy right now. =) Tomorrow Daff is babysitting Aamiyah, so Aubz and I are going with her, and we gonna go job hunting for me. I love daff. With fuckin " BAGGY FITTED SHIRTS" Oh fuckin nerrrr. I love it i love us. We cannot be separated! Ok I'm going to eat some Mac N Cheese =) YUMMM. Now it's game time for WOD! Meccamee Lesss go baby! Do work!

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