Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old School

I taught my piece and they liked it =) Hahah GJ goes " You're crazy " lol. It's a lot of hair everywhurrrrr! Lol. I taught to Buffalo Stance-Neneh Cherry. Hella 80s. They enjoyed it. It's just a piece to have fun while your dancing. Jawkeen taught after me. HOLY SHIT. Fierce. He did Danger-11h30. Fanny Pack did that song. So sick. I can't wait for us to kill that shit. I'm sore though from trying to hit hard just like him. I think our set for Sunday is going to be all fun. Old school attire and everythang. We just wanna have fun =)

Aubrie and her cousin are here. Crazy ass will keep me company for awhile thank goodness. So um I'm not going to school anymore. I had a talk with my Uncle and Chanelle and got my mind twisted. So my Uncle wants me to move to LA like asap and start in the Industry dancing out there. Idk. I talked to Reggie about it and he put his input. He said if I needed a place to stay of course they'll take me in. Cuz they planning on moving out. I told him, at home I feel like I'm not doing anything, and if I get out, i'll finally start on what I want to do. And plus that will give me a head start on moving to LA. Build up my resume, learn how to live on my own, yada yada ya dig? It's a scary feeling but I gotta do what I gotta do. I know my family will be upset that I'm not going to school RIGHT NOW. Like what my Grandma said, " If you don't go to school don't bother talking to me.." Ha when she said that I was like wow. OK? Whatever happened to that 11 years of training at Dellos you paid for? Just to waste it? And she be saying " OH EJ IS GONNA BE A GREAT DANCER" When she don't even support mine? I don't know I gotta do things for MYSELF. Not for anyone else. It's frustrating but EH!

Ok I'm g oing to go tan because I don't want to look white on stage hahaha.

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