Monday, September 29, 2008


WHEERE DO I START?! Well Thursday night, we all slept at Ellis's house like a big orgy. Haha jk jk. I don't even know who I was sleeping by lookin ass. But woke up around 8:3o ish. The Barba's cooked us ADOBO. Wow that adobo was soooooooooooo good. We left around 9:30 geez so early. Ivy, Ar, Jawkeen, & Jay were the ppl I rode with there. I fell asleep a couple of times but yeah ! We got there around 7 or 8 something and checked in our hotel at the Hyatt in Burlingame Idk how to spell that haha. Then to Pat Cruz's studio. YEE!

Got there, saw Alexis, Lauren, & Wobz =) Awwwww miss them! Then we practiced for a bit. Showed UFO our set. Critiqued us. Saw Gina Lu and said wussup to her cuz damn long time no freakin seeee! She's ridiculous. They were so dope. After that around 12:30 we got out, we all went to Denny's to eat. Then back to the hotel. YEE!

I slept around 5 doing nothing but talking to my girls. We had to wake up at 9 ish to go practice downstairs. TOO DAMN EARLY. After our practice we went to get ready showered yada yada. I didn't even do my hair yet cuz fuckin I thought we would have time there ! BUT NOOO! HAHA I didn't even get to straighten my hair! WTHAIL! Piece of shit that made me so mad. Haha it was like a ball of flufftastic. Whatever haha. We got to the venue and chilled walked around saw ppl yada yada. Then back to the car to practice. I didn't even have enough time to do my make up. HAHAH so whack ! I had to rush that shit. But anywhoooo!!

Being on that stage was amazing =) I loved the feeling of it. Bringing a new team down to the bay, so siick. Good for us though !!!

I saw miss erika! Hahah good seeing you woman ! Lookin all cute and shit ! Get outta here! Too bad so short thooo! At least we said hello! HAAH Yayaaaa

AHH I don't know what to write. I'll update later on tonight.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 days till WOD!

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ! HAHA. So EXCITED AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT ! I'm so gay oh geez calm down Lexx. But umm, today was another successful rehearsal. We practiced with our blindfolds. Geez I look like a boy with it over my eyes cuz my hair haha. I look like Johne haha. I got my stuck a couple of times. Pretty damn funny. We are cleaning tomorrow. 9-6 @ Shine Dance Studio. We all sleeping at the Barba's house tonight. THEN OFF TO THE AYYY BAY BAY BAY BAY ! Haha ew I need to quit.

-Nails w/ Jen
-Get eyelashes
-Get contacts
-Get with Ellis to help him on shit
-Load cars

Omgsh blog I'm going to miss you. EWW wth hahaa. Ok. I'm excited. This is my last night home for a while =) YEE YEE ! I can't wait.

SO ! Jayce was taking me home, we got smoothies, then we headed home since we live like down the street and shit. So he was so pissed about oh girl in our group, cuz she has an attitude problem, and he was just venting to me, and I notice he was going to his house so I was like ok I guess I'm chillen at his house tonight. Then he's like, wait, where am I going? HAHA niggah was so mad he didn't wanna take me home haha. Silly. AHH I'm so tired I think anything is funny right now. How pathetic haha. OK GOOD NIGHT !

I also cut my hair. Justine's roomate Jessica did it. I like it but it's just short agaibn =( my tail on my left side is like gone?! AH ok goodnight i'm losing my mind

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Geezez I wasn't expecting that ! I just got home and I'm eating SONIC AGAIN ! WTF ! Not healthy ! FUCK FUCK FUCK. So we are FINALLY DONE WITH OUR SET ! I keep messing up though geezez hahaha. I was getting frustrated. Ppl were FRUSTRATING ME TOO ! " DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME! " STFU ! WE SEE YOU ! HAHHAH ! Damn. Calm yourself geezez haha. But a lot of ppl had to wake up like at 5 this morning and it sucks for them ! I feel so bad ! But we were reallly productive today! FINALLY ! Haha. Tomorrow, or TODAY as I should say, is going to be as long as yesterday. *sigh* Someone please save me.

SO I'm getting my hair cut tomorow =) SON ! Lessss go ! JT's roomate is doing it. 15 bucks! Get em shit I swear I have so many hook ups haha. Tomorrow I also need to get contacts because I cannot dance with glasses damnit. IDK ! I'm scared when I take my blindfold off I'm going to pull my nose ring with it HAHAHA. I'm so dumb.

Fuckin erika you crazy. I think this time our relationship will actually pursue haha. I'm feeling good about it haha. You know if you need someone to vent to about the niggah I'm here FA SHO. Haha. I also enjoy talking to you on aim. shit. Lesbians. HAHA. AH hopefully we shall meet again this weekend with nothing in the middle bothering us haha. I need that sweaty towel, cuz fuck you already know how much I'll be sweatin haha. Like a fountain seriously. HAAH! Much love much love.

SO Jayce and I are sitting here. JUST SO TIRED. We are all silent and shit. HAHA. We abouts to KNOCK OUT ! I swear we like live with each other already. Always with each other ! HAH OK goodnight WORLD ! <333

" MECCAMEE, WE ARE THE WORLD" -Jawkeen niggah Howard. HAHHAAHHHA dumb fuck

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

While getting ready for practice

I'm wanting to blog blog blog. Haha. I'm stressed about us for this weekend! Haha but it'll hopefully come together ! Practice is going to be long tonight ! I'm going to bring food, water, energy drinks, and much more to keep myself alive. Haha. Arvin and his damn sausage twinkies. Haha i swear I thought they were fuckin sauges in plastic. But they were like red velvet twinkies haha. Good though haha. I think I'm allready hmm. Just waiting for mommy to get home and take me. yee yee!

Omgah bitz. We are weird. Love/Hate relationship looking ass. Haha I have a feeling it will always be like that. Maybe not anymore if you know why. =) But!!! It felt nice talking to you today. Internet buddies and shit. Haha. Good good. HMPH!

BAY BAY BAY BAY BAY ! I'm just so damn excited ! Cutesy boys everywhere ! Pat Cruz ! FACK ! HAHHA. Let's do work babies ! I'm so ready !

Jayce you monkey

FUCK IT, WOD is this weekend. Time to escape reality. Bay area take me away plz hahaha.

OH btw. I'm auditioning for ABDC. With Prince's group "ROYALTY." I'm super scared and intimidated. UGH. They all good and here I am, the little 17 year old marching in with the big dogs. THey are so sick IDK if i'll hang. But practices start next week. Oh geeezez. I will tell yall how that goes. Wish me luck plz =( I'm terrified!


hello, this is Jayce hackin on Lexi's blog iight?

- lets get the gist out of the way so we can go into the nitty gritty of this one in a lifetime blog hack i usually DONT give myself time to do for others or MYSELF ... who? what? where? when? & why?

- who: me and lexi
- what: talkin about love lives
- where: at her crib-o in the kitchen
- when: 2:19 AM on tue 9/23/08
- why: because its been OUR minds to vent to one another about it [=

iight so, fee fees/foo foos ... get this straight ... us young peepoz put ourselves out there for you to see and we get NOTHING in return ... when it comes down to the nitty gritty, i think it all comes down to ourselves to something about it ... im sick and tired of being alone in this situation but then again i think its a totally different story when i hear that one of my good friends is going through the same shiz as i am =s ... so now we're here talkin about what needs to be done and what is truly happening =p

what i think i need to do is find me something that'll practically give my significant other the chance to reveal what is obviously eminating from our bodies ... i want to love again and it sucks to have all this pent up inside of me, its sad but true ... im not entirely sure of lexi's situation but i know i need to do something about it just so i know i put myself out there for her to see and to react accordingly to ... what else can i do to help myself ... trust me, ive thought of this for so long and im finally convinced that that is the only true way to get myself out of this shitty predicament ... love hurts and i know this but it can also be the most heart warming, body releasing, soul revealing physically surreal and PURE feeling/emotion/idea/PERFECTION anyone will ever truly realize ... i know this to be true because my hearts been in love, ive had it broken, and ive mended it over time AND of all things ... THAT LOVE CAME BACK TO ME ... when an opportunity like that comes flying my way i wont even hesitate to take that chance ...

im just trying to say that life is short, take opportunities as frequent as possible, dont be afraid to take risks because when u put urself into something fully, nothing can take that choice away from u, no one can take that rewards as best as u can for urself ... be weary tho, u have to have a strong heart to take risks and receive unwanted answers ... its a risk for a reason but AGAIN, u only have these moments to make u who U ARE ...

my advice, JUST GO WITH YOUR HEART ... what's it telling you to do? do it then!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One night extravaganza

SOOO! My weekend. Practice Practice Practice. And even more practice. Haha. I guess we are coming together. We just need to get them guys on their piece. I'm excited for WOD. YEE. Ok I have practice in 2 hours and need to eat and all that junk. I'm on the phone with niggah right now talking about random shiz.

Last night was a wreck. I saw futchin Reggie. And his little girlfriend. Quit lying to my face dude. Seriously.

the one that calls him babe. i'm glad you happy fool. bringing another girl in front of me. lovely. and hurt.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

9 Futchin DAYS!

Are you serious?! Bad news though =( We can't use Jawkeen & I's piece. Too much cussing in the song. So that's no longer in it =( Ohwell it's ok. Our medley is still hard. I have to finish my piece by Friday. That's what I'm about to work on. But FINALLY Meccamee up in the bay again ! Lucky Chances, Clubbin, WOD, our Bay Mates =) It's going to be so fun. We had practice tonight till about 2 in the morning. So excited. Tomorrow is another busy day. I'm also teaching on Monday @ Smash! 4:30-5:30. Get emmmm.

Let's see. I'm getting my hair cut soon. Maybe tomorrow =) It's gonna be sick. I'm not cutting it shorter though haha. HELL NEHHH! Oh nerr.

OH my mother moved in. So far not bad. She's crazy I love it. Family is lovely. It's so nice at home now. Like everyone just got closer outta nowhere. It makes me feel good and the environment here is nice. Thank God for this. I'm blessed to have all of this come together.

So I was talking to Jayce in the car, and he telling me about guys and shit. HAHA. He knows my situation. Oh geezez it's so funny. But IDK! UGH ! hahahaa. Idk what it is. But he says he sees it. UGH! UGH ! UGH! hahaha. Ok i'm going to start on my damn piece. Cuz SHIT we have a week to pull our shit together!


So it's been like 20 minutes since I've posted this but FUCK...
I"M GOING TO CRY. I can't think of anything for GO HARD! I'm brain farting, no ideas are flowing in my big head of mine. UGH. Everything I do is looking stupid. Maybe if I get some rest I can just do it tomorrow =( IDK! BUt ok... Just had to let that out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Heller again. Wod is coming closer and closer. Can you believe it?! Cuz I sure can't believe it like T-pain. I have to work on choreo to teach this week. Oh my lantaaaa. Someone help me haha. I'm super excited and I know everyone else is too! Bay next weekend oh geez I just can't wait !

Reggie! I hope you're ok! Oh my lantaaa. Can't believe that either. It's been how long now? Prayers are with you of course my friend.

So this morning, thingy woke me up. I went jogging and then had to take care of my baby EJ. Aww I love him =) Crazy lil peanut running around not knowing what to do with his life haha. I did not sleep last night. I fell asleep like at 5 and then he woke me up around 6ish? I was like faaacks! -_- So I had about an hour of sleep and went jogging for about an hour, then came back inside. It was about 7:30 and I tried to knock out. Then EJ woke up at 8. AYEE YI IY. HAHA I was so sleepy. So I played and played with him from 8-12 when he finally knocked out. Then I knocked the hell out. Woke up around 5, and now listening to music gettin ready for practiceeee. I'm going to cut my hair soon =) To get that shape again haha. Cuz it sure grew out uggz. Ok time to dye my hair. Good day =) & here's a video of us gettin ready for WOD!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Meccamee Loveeee

So this past weekend was the best. After practice like two nights ago, we stay outside the studio for about 2 hours maybe less just fucking around. Giving Jawkeen scenarios to act so when he moves to LA he can become a big actor hahaha. The videos will be up soon and i will let that speak for itself haha. AFter that, Jawkeen, Bri, Jay, Arvin, Pretz, Ellis, & I went to Jayce's house. We first went to Smith's to get to alchohol and food. So everyone of course parks hella far knowing Jayce's house. We start cooking and drinking yada yada. Sippin on the wine. I swear now when I drink I'm going to be sipping on that wine. 5 dolla wine! 5 dolla wine! Haha! So I guess you can say practice was fuckin hilarious that day because we couldn't stop clowning about it. Clowing about OKAY. Haha if you were there you'd get it. OMFG SNAP! LMAO. Geezez. Wtf. I'm laughing right now typing this.Fuck all of us are so hilarious together. Shit talkers of the century and shit. Rocky mountain couture. Playing would you rather. Drinking more. Talking. Fuccck so lucky to have them. Fuckin Pretz never comes out that bitz. Finally she hung out. But we were all there till 6 in the morning.

We did the same thing the next day too but we went to TGIF after practice from Studio 702. Yada yada yada! I'm too lazy to type.

hahahaha. I ain't playing fool.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

WOD 9/11

So today's practice! I brought my camera in and recorded us fooling around, dancing, talking, yada yada. Haha it was fun. We just finished Ellis's piece and it looks good. Tomorrow we are blocking it I guess. UMM!!! Idk what to say today, I slept forever today cuz I came home like at 5ish. I was just so sleepy! But yeah! Jayce is knocked out here on my couch. Here is my video I made about half an hour ago. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WOD 9/10

So last night jawkeen and I taught the rest of our piece. We are using it as our closer yee yee. Everyone looks good doing it but yeah we still need a lot of cleaning. I'm glad Jawkeen critiqued each and everyone individually. It really helps. We also started on formations last night while we were all at Jayce's watcing "Wanted" cuz Jawkeen be comin up on them bootlegs hahaha. It looks pretty good. We have 4 couples for our last sections. It's gonna look good. Umm...

Today Jay and I are gonna collabo for the Guerilla Black piece. 4 8counts. But we gotta make it groovy. Ahh so excited. I can't believe this shit is in 3 weeks. In the bay again with Meccamee <3>

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love you...

So hm. Yesterday, I hung out with Reg before practice. We had a good talk. Emotional and sad. For my birthday, he's gonna take me to see Criss Angel's Cirque Du Soleil show "Believe." I showed him the premiere of it, and he enjoyed it as well. We are both excited. =) But I said to him, Reg you know what, after that night when we watch that show, I think it's best we don't talk to each other. Honestly, I can't deal with the pain =( I'm so in love with him but I don't think anyone understands. He told me if that's what's gonna happen, I'm going to move back to the bay. He looked at me and I could see sadness in his eyes. I couldn't look at him so I put my head in his pillow and started crying. Then I could feel something dripping on my arm, and I noticed he was crying too. I looked at him and I could tell by the way he looked at me of course he still cares. He told me all those arguments we had is because he cares for me. And the same with me to him. We were crying in each others arms and just expressing some feelings about things. We sat there almost an hour holding each other. Telling each other we will ALWAYS be there for each other. That night made me feel so much better. Showed me he still cared and loved me. It's just so hard =\ I'm glad he opened up to me. Finally damn. But after that he took me to practice and for once we didn't get into an argument cuz I stay too late =) I left exactly at 11 so he can get some rest for work too. Everything was just so good. We will see what happens though. Everything happens for a reason. <3

Yesterday, we blocked Jay's piece for Meccamee. Johne and his amazing blocks. We also just ran the other pieces. Reggie was outside talking to Louie so he had some company. But man we only have 3 1/2 pieces so far haha. Oh dear caca. I'm stressed. Idk why hahaa. I have to go over me and jawkeen's piece today for jay and matt around 6 here at my house. Yee. Do work son. WOD is coming up with the quickness. Oh dear lord. Save us. Haha =)

SOO! My mother is moving in this month. How bizzare is that?! Haha. It's whatevers though. Daff came to me with some thought and she was very frustrated with what was going on with her life. So we were talkin and I think both of us are gonna get an apartment or condo. Since I got the job at Urban but i have to wait till my birthday to start -_-. FUCKERS. WHatever i'm willing to wait haha. She's already saving and i'm just babysitting to save up too. The whole Jayce movingi n house thing is IDK. Cuz we havn't been talkin about it. Daff and I are already planning, and looking into it. My family supports me and thinks it would be great for me. Iknow I can trust Daff because she is more than a friend to me. She is my sidekick in crime, sister I never had. We have always been there for each other, and now 2009, we are ready for the good/bad situations coming at us. We are ready.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shaun & Pat

Shaun and Pat's workshop was insane. So much inspiration! I came home with an unforgettable experience. All I can really say was, wow =)

WOD is coming up and it's coming down to the wire. Ppl are frustrated. Or maybe I just am. We don't have much done. I don't even know what our set is looking like. Ayee yi yi. This is my opinion. Our set seems like all of our songs are the same sounding. Idk if that makes any sense but I don't know how to explain myself. I trust Ellis and his directing but idk. ehhh!!!!!

My birthday is coming up soon ! Ahhhh!!! I'm gonna have a good birthday =)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Taking Out EJ =)

So we were supposed to go paintballin. But that plan didn't work out. Especially cuz I have to babysit. Jayce gave me the idea to just take EJ with us, and I asked Chanelle and she said yeah! So Jayce, Daff, Gienelle, AR, & I are going to the shooting range around 5ish. I'm gonna watch EJ while they shoot. Then back to Town Square for EJ to run around in the lil kids area where the water shoots up and shit. Aww he's gonna be all excited =) It's like a big family day hahaha. But I will update later and tell you how that goes =) Then tonight is the hotel party. Holllaaaaa. Happy Birthday Brenda baby <3

I think i'm secretly in LIKE with someone. Oh nerrrrr. I'm gonna keep it at that so I don't give too much away. UGH but it's bugging me =( HAHA. FUCK ! Ok i'm going to get ready. Jayce is going to pick me up in an hour or so. GOOD DAY EVERYONE ! GOD BLESS! =)

Jawkeen & I

We taught our piece today. WOW CAN YOU SAY TIRING?!!??! SHIT that shit is so damn tiring. I guess they like it ! =) We the new Kyle and Mari! HAHA. But anyways, today that niggah visited. I was upstairs getting ready, and someone rings the door bell. Then I look and guess who it is?! Mutha fuckin superstar wearing a beenie in the heat. I didn't even want to look at him. I gave him a small hug then went right back upstairs. Him wondering why I'm trying to avoid him. The hell? Why he asking I can't look him in the eye? It's cuz! You's a dumb niggah! lol. Tryna hug me and shit fuckin annoying me. He wouldn't let go and I was gettin really irritated. Thank goodness everything is starting to change with him. He's still in his old ways thinking he could get it his way. Nope. Think again fool. Why you still tryna kiss me? Huh? Niggah be faithful for once. I'm glad I told you to leave and you got mad. Good. Haha. Gosh I felt good there for a quick minute. =) I'm sure about my decision by the way. No thinking has to be done sir. Don't give me no sad faces with tears in them. Shoot! Oh nerrrr ahha.

Anyways, I just got off the phone with "junior" lookin ass. Had a good chit chat, but he has school tomorrow morning. He made me smile a bunch tonight and we kept laughing how we used to talk back in the day. He's such a great friend. He goes, " Lexi, man I really hope you find a bomb guy for yourself. That would make me so happy" =) God is testing if I can be patient like he says, and I can. I know I can. Time can only tell.

But shoot busy schedule tomorrow ish? Babysit my lil EJ 1-4. Paintball @ 4:30 with Daff, Lo, AR, gay Justin? or Jayce, and Jasmin. GONNA BE FUN ! Then hotel party for babygirl's birthday! AH! Fun. I'm excited. Ok going to get some sleep. Goodnight world. God Bless.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Ruins

So I just watched The Ruins with Jayce. Hahah dumb concept but it scared me hahaha. Lemme see, we had practice today, and learned another 8 count of Ellis's dance and then we learned Jay's dance. Jawkeen and I showed our dances. Haha I'm so hyped. We have to finish ours on Thursday. HMM!

I went to magic. It was amazing. So many booths, we didn't even get to all of it in one damn day. Many clothing brands I never heard of, celebrities, cuties, just FUN.

My family came back today ! Yay! What can I say I missed them ! Geezez. My little EJ looks so cute and tanned! Awww cutesy. =) Hm, It's like almost 5 and Jayce and I are about to watch The Eye. How bored are we? Haha Ok I will blog later ! Goodnight world!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Lounging Around w/ my Roomies =)

So all weekend, I mainly hung out with my future roomates! Jayce, Jawkee, & Bri <3 bad =")">
Well this past week has been fun, drinking with my friends at the house, getting shit faced, doing stupid shit, talking about shit, idk ! Hmph. Jun's class was saturday and he taught When We Ooo-Janet. SICK! THen after class everyone came over to drink. Jun, Van, Johne. and Joie all took showers at my house too hahah wth. All random and shit. Jun just kept yelling "shot?!" hahaha that boy always wanted to drink like every 5 minutes. But he was so damn drunk dear lord. Haha. I believe they left around 11 in the morning because Jun had to teach at 4 in Cali. Crazies! Jayce cooked breakfast for us =) Bacon, Eggs, & French Toast! And he bought yummy brownies. Jawkeen and I made up some of our dance for WOD that day. Got good shit down. WHat else happened? OOOH !

UNLV performance last Thursday, the hottest shit in my life! Sweating like there was no fuckin tomorrow. Oh nerrrr. We performed on grass and that shit was too damn funny. I kept laughing so much. Jay ripped his pants HAHA. I run off to the side cuz I'm not in LUV, and Jay is next to me and he goes Lexx I ripped my pants, and he shows me and I fuckin start dying. Shit was HUGE. Haha. But yeah fun performance.

Ahh IDK what else to type, but I'm teaching Hi-Fi LV tonight at 7. Helping Daff with shit cuz she's coming here at 4:30. I love her. Ok i'm going to go back to watching Friends with roomies. Good day !!!!