Thursday, September 18, 2008

9 Futchin DAYS!

Are you serious?! Bad news though =( We can't use Jawkeen & I's piece. Too much cussing in the song. So that's no longer in it =( Ohwell it's ok. Our medley is still hard. I have to finish my piece by Friday. That's what I'm about to work on. But FINALLY Meccamee up in the bay again ! Lucky Chances, Clubbin, WOD, our Bay Mates =) It's going to be so fun. We had practice tonight till about 2 in the morning. So excited. Tomorrow is another busy day. I'm also teaching on Monday @ Smash! 4:30-5:30. Get emmmm.

Let's see. I'm getting my hair cut soon. Maybe tomorrow =) It's gonna be sick. I'm not cutting it shorter though haha. HELL NEHHH! Oh nerr.

OH my mother moved in. So far not bad. She's crazy I love it. Family is lovely. It's so nice at home now. Like everyone just got closer outta nowhere. It makes me feel good and the environment here is nice. Thank God for this. I'm blessed to have all of this come together.

So I was talking to Jayce in the car, and he telling me about guys and shit. HAHA. He knows my situation. Oh geezez it's so funny. But IDK! UGH ! hahahaa. Idk what it is. But he says he sees it. UGH! UGH ! UGH! hahaha. Ok i'm going to start on my damn piece. Cuz SHIT we have a week to pull our shit together!


So it's been like 20 minutes since I've posted this but FUCK...
I"M GOING TO CRY. I can't think of anything for GO HARD! I'm brain farting, no ideas are flowing in my big head of mine. UGH. Everything I do is looking stupid. Maybe if I get some rest I can just do it tomorrow =( IDK! BUt ok... Just had to let that out.

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