Tuesday, September 23, 2008


hello, this is Jayce hackin on Lexi's blog iight?

- lets get the gist out of the way so we can go into the nitty gritty of this one in a lifetime blog hack i usually DONT give myself time to do for others or MYSELF ... who? what? where? when? & why?

- who: me and lexi
- what: talkin about love lives
- where: at her crib-o in the kitchen
- when: 2:19 AM on tue 9/23/08
- why: because its been OUR minds to vent to one another about it [=

iight so, fee fees/foo foos ... get this straight ... us young peepoz put ourselves out there for you to see and we get NOTHING in return ... when it comes down to the nitty gritty, i think it all comes down to ourselves to something about it ... im sick and tired of being alone in this situation but then again i think its a totally different story when i hear that one of my good friends is going through the same shiz as i am =s ... so now we're here talkin about what needs to be done and what is truly happening =p

what i think i need to do is find me something that'll practically give my significant other the chance to reveal what is obviously eminating from our bodies ... i want to love again and it sucks to have all this pent up inside of me, its sad but true ... im not entirely sure of lexi's situation but i know i need to do something about it just so i know i put myself out there for her to see and to react accordingly to ... what else can i do to help myself ... trust me, ive thought of this for so long and im finally convinced that that is the only true way to get myself out of this shitty predicament ... love hurts and i know this but it can also be the most heart warming, body releasing, soul revealing physically surreal and PURE feeling/emotion/idea/PERFECTION anyone will ever truly realize ... i know this to be true because my hearts been in love, ive had it broken, and ive mended it over time AND of all things ... THAT LOVE CAME BACK TO ME ... when an opportunity like that comes flying my way i wont even hesitate to take that chance ...

im just trying to say that life is short, take opportunities as frequent as possible, dont be afraid to take risks because when u put urself into something fully, nothing can take that choice away from u, no one can take that rewards as best as u can for urself ... be weary tho, u have to have a strong heart to take risks and receive unwanted answers ... its a risk for a reason but AGAIN, u only have these moments to make u who U ARE ...

my advice, JUST GO WITH YOUR HEART ... what's it telling you to do? do it then!!!

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