Friday, September 5, 2008

Jawkeen & I

We taught our piece today. WOW CAN YOU SAY TIRING?!!??! SHIT that shit is so damn tiring. I guess they like it ! =) We the new Kyle and Mari! HAHA. But anyways, today that niggah visited. I was upstairs getting ready, and someone rings the door bell. Then I look and guess who it is?! Mutha fuckin superstar wearing a beenie in the heat. I didn't even want to look at him. I gave him a small hug then went right back upstairs. Him wondering why I'm trying to avoid him. The hell? Why he asking I can't look him in the eye? It's cuz! You's a dumb niggah! lol. Tryna hug me and shit fuckin annoying me. He wouldn't let go and I was gettin really irritated. Thank goodness everything is starting to change with him. He's still in his old ways thinking he could get it his way. Nope. Think again fool. Why you still tryna kiss me? Huh? Niggah be faithful for once. I'm glad I told you to leave and you got mad. Good. Haha. Gosh I felt good there for a quick minute. =) I'm sure about my decision by the way. No thinking has to be done sir. Don't give me no sad faces with tears in them. Shoot! Oh nerrrr ahha.

Anyways, I just got off the phone with "junior" lookin ass. Had a good chit chat, but he has school tomorrow morning. He made me smile a bunch tonight and we kept laughing how we used to talk back in the day. He's such a great friend. He goes, " Lexi, man I really hope you find a bomb guy for yourself. That would make me so happy" =) God is testing if I can be patient like he says, and I can. I know I can. Time can only tell.

But shoot busy schedule tomorrow ish? Babysit my lil EJ 1-4. Paintball @ 4:30 with Daff, Lo, AR, gay Justin? or Jayce, and Jasmin. GONNA BE FUN ! Then hotel party for babygirl's birthday! AH! Fun. I'm excited. Ok going to get some sleep. Goodnight world. God Bless.

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