Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Heller again. Wod is coming closer and closer. Can you believe it?! Cuz I sure can't believe it like T-pain. I have to work on choreo to teach this week. Oh my lantaaaa. Someone help me haha. I'm super excited and I know everyone else is too! Bay next weekend oh geez I just can't wait !

Reggie! I hope you're ok! Oh my lantaaa. Can't believe that either. It's been how long now? Prayers are with you of course my friend.

So this morning, thingy woke me up. I went jogging and then had to take care of my baby EJ. Aww I love him =) Crazy lil peanut running around not knowing what to do with his life haha. I did not sleep last night. I fell asleep like at 5 and then he woke me up around 6ish? I was like faaacks! -_- So I had about an hour of sleep and went jogging for about an hour, then came back inside. It was about 7:30 and I tried to knock out. Then EJ woke up at 8. AYEE YI IY. HAHA I was so sleepy. So I played and played with him from 8-12 when he finally knocked out. Then I knocked the hell out. Woke up around 5, and now listening to music gettin ready for practiceeee. I'm going to cut my hair soon =) To get that shape again haha. Cuz it sure grew out uggz. Ok time to dye my hair. Good day =) & here's a video of us gettin ready for WOD!

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