Monday, September 1, 2008

Lounging Around w/ my Roomies =)

So all weekend, I mainly hung out with my future roomates! Jayce, Jawkee, & Bri <3 bad =")">
Well this past week has been fun, drinking with my friends at the house, getting shit faced, doing stupid shit, talking about shit, idk ! Hmph. Jun's class was saturday and he taught When We Ooo-Janet. SICK! THen after class everyone came over to drink. Jun, Van, Johne. and Joie all took showers at my house too hahah wth. All random and shit. Jun just kept yelling "shot?!" hahaha that boy always wanted to drink like every 5 minutes. But he was so damn drunk dear lord. Haha. I believe they left around 11 in the morning because Jun had to teach at 4 in Cali. Crazies! Jayce cooked breakfast for us =) Bacon, Eggs, & French Toast! And he bought yummy brownies. Jawkeen and I made up some of our dance for WOD that day. Got good shit down. WHat else happened? OOOH !

UNLV performance last Thursday, the hottest shit in my life! Sweating like there was no fuckin tomorrow. Oh nerrrr. We performed on grass and that shit was too damn funny. I kept laughing so much. Jay ripped his pants HAHA. I run off to the side cuz I'm not in LUV, and Jay is next to me and he goes Lexx I ripped my pants, and he shows me and I fuckin start dying. Shit was HUGE. Haha. But yeah fun performance.

Ahh IDK what else to type, but I'm teaching Hi-Fi LV tonight at 7. Helping Daff with shit cuz she's coming here at 4:30. I love her. Ok i'm going to go back to watching Friends with roomies. Good day !!!!

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