Monday, September 15, 2008

Meccamee Loveeee

So this past weekend was the best. After practice like two nights ago, we stay outside the studio for about 2 hours maybe less just fucking around. Giving Jawkeen scenarios to act so when he moves to LA he can become a big actor hahaha. The videos will be up soon and i will let that speak for itself haha. AFter that, Jawkeen, Bri, Jay, Arvin, Pretz, Ellis, & I went to Jayce's house. We first went to Smith's to get to alchohol and food. So everyone of course parks hella far knowing Jayce's house. We start cooking and drinking yada yada. Sippin on the wine. I swear now when I drink I'm going to be sipping on that wine. 5 dolla wine! 5 dolla wine! Haha! So I guess you can say practice was fuckin hilarious that day because we couldn't stop clowning about it. Clowing about OKAY. Haha if you were there you'd get it. OMFG SNAP! LMAO. Geezez. Wtf. I'm laughing right now typing this.Fuck all of us are so hilarious together. Shit talkers of the century and shit. Rocky mountain couture. Playing would you rather. Drinking more. Talking. Fuccck so lucky to have them. Fuckin Pretz never comes out that bitz. Finally she hung out. But we were all there till 6 in the morning.

We did the same thing the next day too but we went to TGIF after practice from Studio 702. Yada yada yada! I'm too lazy to type.

hahahaha. I ain't playing fool.

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