Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Ruins

So I just watched The Ruins with Jayce. Hahah dumb concept but it scared me hahaha. Lemme see, we had practice today, and learned another 8 count of Ellis's dance and then we learned Jay's dance. Jawkeen and I showed our dances. Haha I'm so hyped. We have to finish ours on Thursday. HMM!

I went to magic. It was amazing. So many booths, we didn't even get to all of it in one damn day. Many clothing brands I never heard of, celebrities, cuties, just FUN.

My family came back today ! Yay! What can I say I missed them ! Geezez. My little EJ looks so cute and tanned! Awww cutesy. =) Hm, It's like almost 5 and Jayce and I are about to watch The Eye. How bored are we? Haha Ok I will blog later ! Goodnight world!

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