Friday, September 5, 2008

Taking Out EJ =)

So we were supposed to go paintballin. But that plan didn't work out. Especially cuz I have to babysit. Jayce gave me the idea to just take EJ with us, and I asked Chanelle and she said yeah! So Jayce, Daff, Gienelle, AR, & I are going to the shooting range around 5ish. I'm gonna watch EJ while they shoot. Then back to Town Square for EJ to run around in the lil kids area where the water shoots up and shit. Aww he's gonna be all excited =) It's like a big family day hahaha. But I will update later and tell you how that goes =) Then tonight is the hotel party. Holllaaaaa. Happy Birthday Brenda baby <3

I think i'm secretly in LIKE with someone. Oh nerrrrr. I'm gonna keep it at that so I don't give too much away. UGH but it's bugging me =( HAHA. FUCK ! Ok i'm going to get ready. Jayce is going to pick me up in an hour or so. GOOD DAY EVERYONE ! GOD BLESS! =)

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