Tuesday, September 23, 2008

While getting ready for practice

I'm wanting to blog blog blog. Haha. I'm stressed about us for this weekend! Haha but it'll hopefully come together ! Practice is going to be long tonight ! I'm going to bring food, water, energy drinks, and much more to keep myself alive. Haha. Arvin and his damn sausage twinkies. Haha i swear I thought they were fuckin sauges in plastic. But they were like red velvet twinkies haha. Good though haha. I think I'm allready hmm. Just waiting for mommy to get home and take me. yee yee!

Omgah bitz. We are weird. Love/Hate relationship looking ass. Haha I have a feeling it will always be like that. Maybe not anymore if you know why. =) But!!! It felt nice talking to you today. Internet buddies and shit. Haha. Good good. HMPH!

BAY BAY BAY BAY BAY ! I'm just so damn excited ! Cutesy boys everywhere ! Pat Cruz ! FACK ! HAHHA. Let's do work babies ! I'm so ready !

1 comment:

  1. Hopefully forreals this time, we can put our differences aside and start a better friendship, because we are weirdos like that! Anyways, I'm jealous of your dancing! =) And we got a lot in common, how funny, like shoes & glasses, the hecks! Hahahah anyways goooood luck this weekend!