Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WOD 9/10

So last night jawkeen and I taught the rest of our piece. We are using it as our closer yee yee. Everyone looks good doing it but yeah we still need a lot of cleaning. I'm glad Jawkeen critiqued each and everyone individually. It really helps. We also started on formations last night while we were all at Jayce's watcing "Wanted" cuz Jawkeen be comin up on them bootlegs hahaha. It looks pretty good. We have 4 couples for our last sections. It's gonna look good. Umm...

Today Jay and I are gonna collabo for the Guerilla Black piece. 4 8counts. But we gotta make it groovy. Ahh so excited. I can't believe this shit is in 3 weeks. In the bay again with Meccamee <3>

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