Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Almost my 18th.

My birthday is finally coming up. I don't know what to do. Erika was all saying to do something like make my whole week a festival of activities haha. I think I might do that. BUT idk! This weekend I might go to Knott's Scary Farm with Jen and whoever wants to go. Might have a bbq on Tuesday instead of practice. HAHA Jawkeen calls me today and goes HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I'm like niggah, my birthday is next week hahahaha. So funny made me laugh so hard.

So today's practice was just full of fun. We did human knot races. My team won both times niggah! And what...hahaha. Then we played this game where we turned off all the lights and everyone had to lay down and close they eyes. We were given a number and if it was called, we ahd to get up and tap the people who fits the question that was given us. For example, Jay would go, " Ok #14, tap the people who you think would be a good leader for meccamee" Then he would say go when he lays down and closes his eyes, then that person would get up and tap the people. I got tapped so many times except once haha. I felt so great. It's nice to know people think I'm Humble, Unselfish, a leader, a great dancer, a friend, and makes a big impact on the team. It made me smile everytime someone touched me hahaha. Yee!

So after, I went to jayce's house to watch Iron Man, niggah fell asleep, and I wanted to go home. So I was texting Jen and was telling her, and she picked me up! Haha omgah I love that girl so much. I think I found a new friend for sure. She's so real, and a sweetheart. She lives down the street from me too! Aww, I'm glad she's Jay's gf, he deserves the best. Love you JEN!

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  1. LEXI! i love you too!! i'll be here to pick you up, drop you off, just kick it wherever whenever with you! anytime, all the time.. ah you get the picture. see you soon.