Friday, October 3, 2008


I'm sitting here watching fuckin Saw I! I havn't seen it since it came out in theaters awhile back. There was the part where motha fuckin Jigsaw was RIGHT THERE!!! They could of fuckin shot his ass!!!!! BUt NOOOOO!!!! They just fuckin stalled and shit! Hahaha ! I'm so angry ! They could of had him ! GEEZZEZ! I'm so pissed ! I'm sitting here with Jayce complaining about it and shit! HAHA! Ok I'm done

We had our Meccamee potluck today! It was fun. I made rice crispy treats and chicken wings! They were all gone yee ! We all just chilled, drank, yada yada, movie. Haha it was a good get together ! =)

Oh woman, your comment made me smile. It's crazy how now I don't get all butt hurt about him going out or going to the bay anymore haha. I used to get all pissed and sad each time he went to the bay. Haha not anymore! He's not a big thing in my life anymore. Thank goodness. I hope you knock some sense into him really. I feel bad for him. Haha he is like the boy who cried wolf ! Silly woman! Ahh you are too amazing for him, if he still treat you like this, he must be an idiot. Have fun with him this weekend =) Beat him up for me ! For all the shit he's done and put me through! Mutha fuckinniggah haha. Oh and thank you,for acknowledging my passion for dancing =) It really does mean a lot to me. That's my passion and I respect anyone who actually sees that. <33 slutso =")">

FUCK THIS MOVIE ! DAMNIT! I'm still pissed! Hahahahahahaahaa. Fright Dome tomorrow ! Hella of us going! Manny, Aldrin, Johne, AR, Emma, Ej, Jayce, & Daff! SON ! What a group right there !!!! We all gonna be scared shitless! Even though Fright Dome is the lamest shit ever! Haha. Many picture will be taken! YEE! Goodnight, going to finish this Saw marathon!

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