Monday, October 20, 2008

Better View

Here's our set in WAY BETTER view.

And then our battle...I go first against Erika

So I can't sleep. Today Erika text me and asked if I was free cuz there was some ZizZazz gig going on that night. So yeah I'm available and she said I ahve to wear a mini skirt. I'm like whaaa a mini skirt? And dance? So I said I must be go-goIN. SHe picks me up and we go buy our skirts from some stripper store hahahaha. Shit I don't wear shit like that but I gotta do it for the job! We get all ready, get to the place on Jones and Wigwam where the girl who put it together *who's name is also Erika* gives us our ZizZazz shirts. So we put em on and drive to the ware house on Hinson and Russell. It's a cute lil club. That was their first night. We danced away and they filmed us. *It will be on myspace TV on tuesday* Do we gotta promote like crazy this new 18+ Club. They asked us to come everySunday if the turn outs good. They were like blown away by our dancing cuz their other girls, just 2-stepped but we did some extrqa credit and worked. I had so much fun. It's like my cardio! But FUN! HAaha that's my excersise yo! But yeah, we get paid only 15 an hour, but at least I'm gettin started right?! =)

I still cann't stop thinkin about this past weekend. Fulled with dance festivities! ABDC, SIO3, GOGO GIG! Man it's all coming to me. I'm sitting here so proud of myself. Of what kind of dancer I have become. I'm thankful for being blessed with this talent and passion of mine. I thank God for blessing me. Woww. I just keep smiling. I love my passion. i wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING.

Just look at that stage please. Now to me, one of the greatest feelings, is performing and showing off my talent. NOT SHOWING OFF. But showing what I CAN DO. There's a difference. Imagine that stage, standing on it, about to perform, with thousands of people in the crowd cheering for you. Those lights, the sound of that bass filling the arena, getting our name out there, ugh IDK! I can for sure say I'm so lucky. My dreams are coming true. ABDC LIVE TOUR? Opening act? Did you know after that performance when we were heading to our cars, this girl asked me to sign her ticket, and her shirt? They wanted to take a picture with all of Meccamee. They never heard of us. That feeling. People saying that I, LEXI BAUTISTA, is their idol?! Are you serious? I had girls after SIO from Undeclared *which is from cali* come up to me after, saying "Omg you are amazing. I was pointing at you the whole time. Can I take a picture with you?!" Girls wanting to take pictures with me. That's why I LOVE dancing. I want to be a girl someone can look up to. A role model, not some cocky fuck face who shows off too damn much. That's what Reggie said. That I "show off" and when I tell him that some girl said I'm sick, or that their my idol, he thinks I'm cocky. Now niggah, I will never ever forgive you what you've thought of my talent. That's the last thing I want to be, cocky. This is what you call inspiration in people's lives. I will accomplish that. =) I'm already starting.

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