Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dance Dance Dance Dance!

Can you say amazing weekend?! Ok here goes my long blog entry!!!! SOOO ! We sign up for ABDC Live to compete for Vegas's top two crews. There were about 6 crews, FormalityLV, JAWKEENS GROUP, us, vegas heat, hypnotix, and I don't remember. But damn, we killed. We performed outside in front of 3 judges in front of the Orleans Arena. Fuckin ripped it. FormLV ripped it. So it's time to announce the winners, and they go " With 127 points....FORMALITY!!!" And they are jumping around =) So proud of them!! Do Work boys. Then they go " Now with 129 poins....MECCAMEE!!!" Wow oh wow I went buck wild hahahahaha. So that meant we got to open up ABDC Live tour in Vegas!

So Friday comes, we practice at Jay's house, I kept doing I Rock wrong ahahah. But yeah we all get ready and look cute, then make our way to the Orleans Arena. We get there and get our tickets, go backstage, and see all the costumes of all the crews back there. Then it's time to go backstage to wait. So BO from Fanny Pack comes and goes, " are yall going up right now?! " and I was all yeah haha. Then he goes "OH OK!!" And runs off somewhere. I was like wth? I just talked to BO! Then it's time for us to go on stage. Mad love from the crowd. Hella screaming from random ppl, most likely didn't know who we were. It was the greatest feeling. Being on that stage in front of thousands of people. Hearing ppl right below you screaming for you. Pointing at you. Me screaming on stage for us to kill it. Wow. 3 minutes of dancing with the people I love =) Then Form went on and ripped. Congrats boys yall deserved it. Crowd picked who the winner was, and FormLV took it. Good job boys! Then after we got to watch the show for FREE!

FANNY PACK; Bri and I were going CRAZY WILD when they were killing it on stage ! Holy caca they were insane, amazing live, cute, AHHHH IDK! And Joey from ASIID! Kills! asdfhgjkl;! He comes up to us and goes " Keep dancing...Keep dancing.." Sweet boy he is =) Aww. Met Matt Cady, brainchild of Fanny Pack. Barracuda! ASIID said we killed. We gave BO a MECCAMEE shirt and he put that shit on right away. Saw Chris Gat again. Rainen. IDK. It was amazing. =) A $60 show for FREE. Welcome to the Dance Life =) After we went to Jay's too drink and play rock band and just hang out =) Ellis was all drunk. " Lexi can you imagine us being together?!" HAHAH Stoops. But yeah I had an amazing night! =) I love you Meccamee.

Wow man Saturday Oct 18th, SIO! We had practice at 11am. Headed over to the venue to tech at 2:45. Then to Pretz's house to get ready. Then to the venue again at 6. I got Reggie and them in for free haha. Gave them my wrist bands. Yee Reggie, Lo, and Jonathan came! =) So we were touching up our make up and what not, then we had a meeting on the stairs near the dressing rooms. So Jay is telling us our normal " kill it out there", "Have fun", yada yada. Then he just had to say it. His last performance. Then he started tearing up. I can see everyone's faces, sad, tears in their eyes. Then Jay starts to cry. Everyone can feel that feeling inside of them like we are going to lose something great for awhile. I see AR crying, EJ tearing up, I'm trying to fight back my tears. He loves us so much. Us all holding hands before the show, praying together was such a powerful feeling. I love my team so much. I'm so thankful and blessed to have them in my life.

SO! We get to the balcony to watch the first half of the show. Undeclared, was SICk. Wth! I was so amazed and entertained watching them. Then our babies Rascals did soooooooo GOOOD! =) So proud of you guys ! Coming up already =) Then yada, yada! Intermission. I went to say hi to ppl downstairs, Jon D's mom =) Jayce's mom. Friends. Went back upstairs, the three amigos were up there. Reggie got a job! YAY! Hahah he goes LEXI! They called me when I was downstairs ahhaha. Stoops. Then 2nd half the show. 3 till us...That feeling wanting to go on stage already. AHH Anticipation! I was so nervous. They call us to go downstairs, we wait in the lobby, then it's our turn. Backstage.. 1..2..3..MECCAMEE! Then they announce us, and we got the most love out of the audience. Do it for us. Do it for Jay. 6 minutes of amazing. I can hear everyone in the audience. I can hear Reggie screaming my name which is a fuckin first. Haha. I'm on stage dying that my legs can't freakin move anymore. Finally it's over. Killed ! Murdered. BYE! HAHAHA. Then yeah...

THE RESULTS! Youth division, I'm not sure who placed I know it was After Math, Undeclared, and someone else. Then our division. NSU Modern got 3rd, then it was between Select, and us. It was a futchin tie. So we had to battle it out WTF ! So they wanted 5 dancers to battle from each crew. I heard so many people screaming my name to go battle. Jay wanted me to. I don't futchin battle ! But whatev. I saw Reggie look at me and scream my name to battle. I was so nervous. Then Jon D is first and Erika. She starts doing her thang starts turning and what not then I go, yall, let me go let me go I got this. And I go behind Jon D and I'm like yo I'm going, push him out the way and start whipping out my jazz hahahahah. All I see was people jumping up and down, hella screaming. Then I go back to rejoin my lovely team. Killed killed killed her. Not being cocky, but I did. Haha sorry Erika. Then another one of Selects girls go, then Jon D goes. KILLS! Busts out the splits, body rolls, toe touch thingy. Murdered her. Then another one of Selects girls, you know the whole booty shaking thing. Then Ej goes, and kills her too. Gets buck, head spin, lil bboy over here. So proud of him =) Then another one of Select's girls. Booty shaking again ahha. Then Jaymazing goes. He futchin kills again and takes the money in his hat ahahhahaa. Then another one of Select's girls. She was hard, ghetto style but it was sick ahd her swag. Then Ileri goes and pushes her (not hard but you know like pretending to hella push her hard) And starts doing her thang. Her Beyonce status, hit harding self kills. Then Mekk announces there's no pushing. Wth is that shit like we hella did it to kill her. So them two had to battle like 3 times and shit. So dummmb! Like damn it's the same person, we killed yall in all the rounds, no lie Select's chick killed her last rounds, but you had like 3 times to go. Rude people in the crowd. "Oh Meccamee yall lost" in the rudest way possible. Like wthail?! Hi hatuhhh! I'm all lookin at the audience and Reggie mouths " they gonna give it to Select" and I was like I have a feeling too. But yeah, they announced Select one. COngratz ladies. Yall were sick. But hey Mcme 2nd place =) Good job Good job Good job! We killed our set, we stomped on Select battling, and we know it ! Oh we also got crowd choice. hahaha.

After that everyone went to In N Out, Reggie and I went through the Drive Thruuuu to get our food before everyone else and not wait in that line, hahaha smart I am. I go inside, everyone keeps tellin me about me killin Erika. Hahaha. Like no one knew I can do that. Ej kept texing me "You're so hard." Like 3 times. Then again " Once again, you're hard." haha And this morning again he text me that. I sat with Jonathan, just chillen, eatings, talking. It was fun. Ej kept tellin me I'm hard hahahha. =) Cute boy. But yeah. Night was fun.

I know I did my best. So much love last night. Wowwww =)

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Erika! =) Staying 18 for her last year now. Get it bitz. Hope you had a good birthday. You have so much going for you.

Meccamee at Set It Off 3. Yall already know which I am.

ABDC Live. Up close. Once again, you know which one I am.


  1. Oh lex this blog made me smile...

    Well, except for the end when u retold the bullshit of my life all over again. Ha! Yeah, that's all u can say about them "good job" cause there was nada there!! Haha anyways you killll bestie!! ^_^ you ate erika up with ketchup & cheese. Lol ew that's nasteh!

    Anyways LOVE YAH!!!

  2. Great post.I'm linking it and the video on Blogging America's Best Dance Crew tomorrow. Loved watching your crew. Good luck!

  3. don't you just love exciting weekends like this... (sigh) it just makes me smile.!! well minus the part where you reminded me that i still want my 20dollars back... ugh idk wats worse that caca battle ish or having someone confuse select for hifi.!!