Monday, October 27, 2008


So Saturday was Jaymazing's picnic! It was fun. It got cold at night though ! They were like playing every song he choreographed to and he was doing the choreography haha. So funny. He be all sweatin like a fountain. But it was good to hang out with everyone AGAIN. Overall fun times indeed.

I got home and Erika and Jenny were getting all cutesy up. Erika was a gladiator and Jenny was a ladybug. So cuteee! Their friends started coming over around 11ish. Lo, AR & his friends, Anton, and Reg came over too. Reg knocked out in my room while we were all downstairs debating whether or not to go to GJ's. I guess half of them left cuz it was just Lo, VR, Mike, Adonis, & I downstairs after that. I had to wake up at 3:30 to get ready to leave for Disneyland. OH HOW EXCITED I WAS =)

Stace and Cjay picked me up around 4:30ish. We headed over to the Barba's house and everyone looked beat. Ileri was so drunk. I rode with Stace, Cjay, Ileri, & Bri. LMAO Bri and I were cracking up at the most random shit ever. So tired. Ileri kept wanting to throw up poor thing =( But she did and she was all better! SO I finally knocked out and woke up and BOOM we in Cali in fuckin 3 hours and what not. Going no less than 100 mph the whole way haha. So we get our tickets, and head over to the park!Aww I was like the happiest girl ! Disney trivia when we got there. We went to California Adventures first. Rode TOWER OF TERROR. Haha one of the workers came up to me and EJ and was all " I like yalls style, very old school hip hop-ish." Haha we were all Thanx? Lol we were like wthaaaaail. But anywhooo, I sat next to EJ & Christian. DID NOT KNOW when that shit was gonna drop. I was all talking and it was pitch black in the room, them ZOOOOOM it fuckin drops! Christian grabbed my leg and I grabbed EJ's hand HAHHAHAH. I was so fuckin terrified HAHA. Laughing so hard cuz Christian kept stomping on the floor. Then it kept fuckin dropping hahaah. I couldn't breathe cuz I was laughing soooooo damn hard. Our picture was pretty funny, Cjay holding the camera, Jen clinging on the Jay's arm, Ryan with his mouth wide open...Haha couldn't get any better. THEN water ride, got soaked. Stacey won. Then that California Screamin. Rode with EJ laughing so damn hard. Then that Midway Toy Story thingy. OMGAH that thing was so fun ! Had to like shoot all this ish. Bri and I were laughing and screaming so damn much. When things would fly at you and how the thing was like jacking someone off. Haha what?! It was! It got tiring cuz you had to pull it so fast! But I beat bri =) 215,500-97,00! Yes I won! YEEE! Then Soaring Over California, beautiful, could smell everything too. Then DISNEYLAND TIME! =)I was so excited! We rode Indiana Jones first, EJ, Christian, and I were trying to find all the hidden Mickey's but failed. Then we headed over to Space Mountain. Once again, rode with EJ. Found the hidden Mickey =) That thing was so fast. I was screaming so loud. Then Pirates, found the Hidden Mickey! Then to Haunted Mansion, again rode with EJ. Then Matterhorn, rode with EJ again. Then we rode it again, this time EJ was in front of me. Hahah niggah is too mahtz! THen autopia! Rode with NAM! Haha he was like steering randomly. Felt like we were gonna break it. Then we went to Big Thunder, rode with EJ first time. He was screaming in my ear, then I would scream back hahaha. Second time rode with JAY. All of us had to keep our hands up the whole ride. But Anthony and Ellis kept tickling us hahaha. So funny. We stayed to watch the fire works at 9. BEAUTIFUL. Had like all the music to the classic rides. Best firework show ever. EJ gave me his jacket. Sweet boy. But yeah after all that we were alllll so tired! I knocked out sick in the car. Woke up and we were at Nam's. We all went there to sleep for an hour or two. I fell asleep on EJ with my elbow all digging into him haahahha. Sorry bud. Then we left around 2am.

Thanx NAM for everything ! Hooked us up with the tickets, we waited in NO LINES. Always fast pass and we don't know how. WTHAIL! hahaha. Like one ticket would let 6 people in at the same time. It was crazy, I never been to Disneyland like that before! Haha Nam is the best. Thank you once again Mr. Photographer!

This weekend did not fail. Jaymazing weekend for sure =) All of us had so much fun and we just laughed and joked the whole time. Being with the people you love most. I'm so glad I went =) Especially with hickey neck. We had much random talk too. It was nice. hhaaha. So I thank all of you guys for making my Sunday/Weekend the best =)

I'm Happy =) That's all I can say.

I <3 Meccamee.

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