Saturday, October 25, 2008

Jaymazing Weekend

So I'm still drunk. && I will update you later about this weekend! Too much fun already with everyone! Guess with who?! Listen to this group: Lo, Daff, JEM, Reg, Lexx, Jonathan. SAY WHAAAA?! When do you hear those names together? Hahahahah! Jay was drunk when we got there of course. I miss him already. Many pics from Daff's CAM!

So last night I got cutesssss ups for Jay's surprise party. Reggie and Bro picked me up and I couldn't lock the fuckindoor. HAHA Omgaaaah dumb key. Then we stopped by the gas station and bought beers for us =) We get to HOM and Method is DJin. Good to see you all again =) Saw everyone and it was nice =) I got so drunk though. Cass came up to me hella drunk, couldn't even take a picture cuz she was gone. HAHA. Jeka said hi to me. Caca. Bri, Miki, & I danced on the island. Took so many pictures. Daff was so drunk. Jay said we need to have lunch =) Danced with Reg a lil. "Aye girl what's yo name?!" "Oh HI I'm Sandra" HAHAHA. Too mahtz. We all had a good time. Then went homeeeee!

So today is Jay's picnic. Then Jeka's class. Then our Halloween party here at the house. Invite only though. So I invited someof my friends since idk the ladies of Select that well. I will feel out of place a bit. Haha. So yeahhh ! I need to get ready for the picnic and I will update this entry tonight! Or tomorrow morning I should say hahaha

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