Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friday, October 10th 2008

So i didn't type about my Friday!!! Friday Daff and I hung out. So much laughter that freakin' day. She picks me up and we go to Fudruckers. Is that how you spell it?! HAAHHA IDK! So we get there and then " I AM PATS!" Hhhahahaha "whaaaaa?!" Freakin some persons license plate says that shit and I just blurted it out randomly haa! Oh goodness Daff. But food was so yummy =) Then we decide to go to Stratosphere then go to "her friends picnic."

We get to the Stratosphere and we see how tall that shit is and start getting scared. We make our way to the tower and get butterflies in our tummys. On the way up my ears were all hurting haha. So we get off the elevator and find our ride "Insanity" the one that spins you. So we get to our ride, and only us two are in line and they go " We have to separate you two so we ccan balance the weight" Say whaaa?!?! Bitch no. But luckily more ppl came! So we get in our seat, shaking and having panic attacks. Daff wouldn't open her eyes. So funny. We start spinning, and I can't stop laughing because I'm so scared! I didn't know where to look while the thing was spinning ahha. Daff's face was too damn priceless! We finally stop and we are wanting to get back on the damn ground! We get down, and Reggie calls. He goes " Have fun today ! " I'm like wtf? Why wouldn't I? I'm already having fun? Then he goes " No you're gonna love it! Trust! " and I'm here so confused telling Daff what he's saying and shit. I'm like tell me pweeeeez!!! He says no. To call him and tell him what I did today. I'm like what?! So I hang up, and I'm like all confused. Wondering and Wondering! Anyways, Daff and I were going back to valet to pick up the car, and this guy walks in the hotel and has a fuckin unibrow! I straight up look at Daff with a WTF kind of face. HAAHAHAHAH. We were dying. It looked fake but it was so UGGZ! So we get the car, and on our way to "her friends picnic."

So someone calls her telling her she needs to get a cake. But I have to pick it out. Then Jen calls me and was like " Sorry i couldn't make it.." Then BEEEEP my phone dies. I'm like what? And Daff's like what?! So we didn't need to pick up a cake anymore. And on our way to t he picnic. We get to Desert Breeze park, and are walking and I see I know everyone. I come to find out it's a surprise picnic for me!!!! x] AWWW Daffs!!! asdfhgjkl; I was sure surprised and I was not expecting any of that ! I love her. Wthaaail. So it was just freezing cold at the park, Daff got drunk, ate food, yada yada. I had a good time =) Even Lo was there ! Wth! Niggah is MIA from us now hahaha. SHIEEETS. Thank you Daff so much !!!

What can I say about my best friend?! We are too much alike. We have the same sense of humor. I swear, like the shit we think is funny, isn't funny to anyone else. It's so crazy ! We think too much alike! It's so hilarious. Man thank you Daff for everything you have done for me. Took care of me when I first moved out here. Always got me. I like lived at your house every chance I got. Always made sure I was fine. Was my shoulder to cry on when Reggie and I broke up. Even the after math of Reg and I, when I still had those tears, we were kind of going through the same situation. Family problems, you would hear me out. I don't know what I'd do without you. Omgah I'm seriously getting teary eyed right now. If you are reading this, know I'm crying cuz I'm so happy you are in my life. I can't even start to list everything we've done, cuz it's WAY too much. 322. Dancing together. Hifi. PB. *Groove. "Boys". Shopping. Our sneaker phase. Sleep overs. Drunk nights. Kickbacks. Helping me with my driving. Driving me to practice. Our year planning. Fright Frome Farm Fest. HOORRRRD NIGGAH. Nails did. Being lazy. Sleeping forever. Choreo. Never fought. UGHHh Daff IDk but I love you so damn much. You are such a beautiful WOMAN inside and out. I'm so luckyyy to have you. I need to stop so I can stop crying and shit ahhaha. Reminds me when we were drunk that night at my house, and we were expressing how thankful we were to be in each others lives. Almost tearing up ahhahaha! So funny ! I love you, my best =)

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  1. Besterest, son, skic, roomie, dance partnah... ughh!! What the heyll is this!!!!!! Seriously, anything for u. =] you're the little sister I never had, the bestfriend I'm oh so very thankful for... & simply a wonder person to have in my life. Slutso! This was just my thanks for being around. Seriously.... I'm excited with what the future holds for u & for me. Good times fosho.

    What in the heyll would I do with out u! You HOORRRRD niggah! Lol!!! Love u like u was my own. ^_^

    Ps: u still have a present on the way. Lol all hella late & shit!