Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fright Fome!

Hello lovely blog world ! AHH JEN made a blog finally ! Get rid of yo xanga bitz! HAHA. We had D.J.K. Korean Bbq today and it was bommmmmb ! So much fooood yo! My mouth still taste like that sauce we had. We couldn't understand our server hahaha. I was all umm Jen? AHH! Love you girl =) I also so bro skeee athan ! Ahh I was all walking outside and I see this niggah pop up outta nowhere running haha! Aww so cutesy ! I miss you brooo for realllllls! HAHAAH

SO FRIGHT DOME! Was amazingly fun as hell! We were all scared. I was thinking since we had waaaaay more guys, that they would protect us! But NO! I always ended up in the back! -_- First maze was that vampire maze. Ej was my partnuhhhh and we were in group 2 of us 12 niggahs. We was stuck in the back. Our group was Emma, Justin, Johne, & Eman. OMG can I just say Emmanuel and Johne are the biggest poons ever! GEEZ! Emmanuel wouldn't futchin moveeee he kept holding us up and shit! Ej and I just chillen in the back like wth is going on ahaha. We almost got lost too! Cuz this monster thing was in front of us not moving. Haha. Then we rode some rides yada yada another maze which i was clinging on to Justin for dear life cuz I hate clowns! UGH haha. But we were about to leave when we decide to go into the futchin chainsaw maze! Omgsh for some reason my heart was beating so fast because I heard the stupid chainsaws! we get to the fron tof the line, and we were the party of 12. They freakin stop Ej, Justin, and I so we get separated from our group. So Justin, Ej, and I are stuck with all these black ppl hahahaha. Wow I was squeezing EJ the whole time and Justin was clinging onto my arm hahaha. I screamed and got scared a jazillion times and Ej kept laughing at my ass haha. So we get to the end and they ring a stupid bell. Next thing you know it these chainsaw mutha fucks run in. I hide in Ej against the wall and none of us were moving HAHAHA. I don't even know where Justin futchin went. Then Ej goes RUN! So we all run out and I run against the glass and croutch down in a ball because this chainsaw fucker wasn't leaving me alone hahaha. I was gonna cry oh my dear lawddd. HAHA. Ahhh <3>

After we went to Aloha Kitchen and called it a night. Now I'm just babysitting! Ahhh he's being a brat today. I'm losing my mind hahaha. Heller =) lmao. Ok i'm just going to hang out with my dear Chanelley. Good night!

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