Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloweenies weenies weenies!!

SO last night was still whack. NO one knows about VHP and it's too damn expensive. It's every Friday night though so anyone come through yeah? So gogo-in last night was pretty boring to me. FUCKKK. Hahaha it was AIGHT. Bri, Jayce, ANthony, Abby, Ryan, and AR came over last night after. THey were so DRUNNNNK hahaha it was so funny. I drove Jayce and them to Sonic cuz none of them could drive. Shit was the funniest shit. Abby was freestyling about random shit. I couldn't stop laughing holy caca. Went to Sonic and ordered HELLA shit. So funny. THe drunks could barely talk and I was all FUCK just tell me ! Haha the guy was laughing at us cuz he knew we were drunk. It was too mahtz. *note AR just went outside, and he came back in and said he fell on the rocks HAHHAHAHAHHAHAH omgah hella laughing* Ok back to story. We got our food, yadadadada got home and ate. I love my friends they too crazy. I knocked the fuck out on the couch. With Calii sleeping next to me =) Stinky doggy.

So tonight we going to some Halloween party on the East Side. I hope to see my 9 1/2. But he did say he was gonna hang out with me. Hmmmmm! We just lounging around the house right now, wanting to go eat some filipino food. But I think I just might wear my tutu tonight and dress 80's. We don't even know where it's at thought. So we gotta wait yadada! Ok...time to get ready!

OK so I just got home and it's 5 in the morn! GOod thing I didn't go to the party cuz Reggie was there WHEW! Jayce told me he was asking hella questions about me and yada yada! Lmao. Niggah said " how she gonna do me dirty like that.." Niggah now you know how i feel. Does it hurt? Get used to it. Cuz I'm happy.

Well anyways! I went to HOM @ 10ish. Chilled there till around fuckin 11:30 and my love came around 11. I was happy =) He was Jay for Halloween. Cutesy. But anyways I ended up going to his house with Ochedda, Dom, and Nicole. Ended up falling asleep and what not. But Yeah, left his house around 12:30 ish then we got to my house. We talked in his car for futchin 3 1/2 hours ! Him leaning on me, holding my hand. Asking me questions. Having a good conversation. I told him how I felt. He told me how he felt. I think we kind of on the same page. Taking things SLOWWWW. Not rushing anything. SO I'm so fuckin happy. Thank you 9 1/2. <33 Happy Halloween.


  1. so i love that last part of this blog. <3 ;] yehhh, good thing you didn't go my dear. much catching up to do, yeah? yes. love you!