Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday to me

Thank you everyone who called/commented me! Aw made me smile ! Each text! Shooot ! I got my tat today ! UGH ! It hurt so bad ! My eyes got sooooo damn big right when theneedle hit the skin. Justin was laughing hysterically at me. What a fuck. I was too chicken to outline the inside of my arm. So I was at the tat shop for about a good 4 hours. Mic was trying to crack jokes to make me feel better, but it was not working for me. Haha. Mico stayed with me the whole time. Thanx Mico! Haha. But after that was my potluck!

Aw like all of Meccamee was there ! Plus some Form heads. & My LOLO! Ahh havn't seen that niggah in a quick minute! Thank you everyone who came ! My arm hurts so bad. Ayee eyi yi. Jen took me to Bad Apple =) Love that girl! My lantaaaah. My family was shocked when they saw it! Ahhh whatevvvs. It's my problem now. It's on my arm. It's my fault. Haha. It was my choice though. I loves it though ! Yaya!

Tomorrow I gots practice at UNLV @ 8pm. We are doing SIO on the 18th! Awww Jaymazings LAST performance =( I'm so sad. He has done so much for the team. UGH Jay. Your text to me this morning... "Happy Birthday little sister. I'm so proud of you." Awww made me tear up a little no lie! He is such a great guy. My older older brother. Who took care of me like no other. ALWAYS got me because he knows what I go through. Always down to talk. Especially back in the day with them Reggie problems. =) He knew exactly what to say. *sigh* Jay I pray for you all the time. You will be in my prayers all night too when you leave on the 30th. I will miss you SO much. You know how to make my day great in an instance. AH enough before I start tearing up! HAHA!

OMGAH Santogold this Saturday! I guess with Reggie. Idc who I go with I'm just so excited to see Santogold!!! AHHH ! I'm going to faint. I gotta say she's one of my favorite artists! FACKS. Reggie said he had some girls bbq to go to. So I said go ahead ! I could care less haha. SO we will see if he's down to go. I told him that's his night with me. Since we never hang out. Don't worry Erika shiiiet girl. Nothing to trip about. I promiseeee! =)

THank you everyone once again ! Goodnight!

surround yourself with success and people who strive for it... you yourself will be successful.

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  1. Aww Santogold was in SF yesterday! Should've toook your ass out here! Hahah kidding. Omg he better go with you, rather than bbq with his groupie slutso group. Ahhh I give him so much shit for it. Hahah it's funny. I'm glad you had a happy birthday and your tat is freakin' prettyful! Man, if I didn't buy that faggot his backpack, I'd be getting one on my birthday tooo! That was my plan! Ughh, whatevs.