Monday, October 13, 2008

I Believe in Santogold.

So my weekend was fun! Saturday was GOLDRUSH feat. Santogold's concert! Reggie and I went together how random and awkward huh? But it still showed me I can still have fun with him even though he ain't my boyfriend haha. So he gets to my house and is fuckin rushing me cuz he thinks we gonna be late. Doesn't believe me doors open at 5:30 and that the show started at 6. So I'm rushed out the door and we head over to Mandalay Bay @ the House of Blues. We get there to buy our tickets and this lady asks us if we want to buy one of her tickets for 10 bucks cuz her friend wasn't going to show up. So yay saved me money! Haha. We It's almost 6 when we were there and we get in, and we are one of the first people there. Freakin man. It was FREEZING COLD in there ! But hey we got in the front for sure haha. So we waited, and waited, and freakin waited, getting all bored. Both of us were freakin hungry. Reggie kept complaining and yapping how he was cold and hungry. He wasn't even excited. I told him he was going to have fun once they start freakin baby.

So first up was Low vs Diamond. Siiick band. Guy had an insanly awesome voice. It's so dope to hear a band live. I loves it. Then after then was some chick. Had a nice soul voice, she was black. Kind of like an Amy Winehouse type of voice. But it was waaaay better. Reggie was all gettting bored. What a rude! Different style of music niggah. Then after was MATES OF STATE ! Ahhh they were dope! It consumed of a guy and a girl. Guy played the drums, girl messed with the keyboard and all that funky junk. *FYI they are the ones who sings "California." Haha. Then OMG after hours of waiting. 9pm hits! Waiting for SANTOGOLD! I was so anxious. Then the freakin curtains open...stage is black with a dim of red light and you can see all the dust from the lights and what not. Two girls in gold run out with sunglasses on. I call them the new age oompa loompas of Santogold, because that's what they reminded me of. Standing still. Straight face with their sunglasses on. Then "You'll Find A Way" starts bumpin and out comes Miss Santi White. In her torquoise jumpsuit with gold accents. WOW! I was screaming so loud! She is so amazing live! Her two dancers were kind of weird, like moving to certain parts of the music, choreographed in a simple yet unique way. AHH! I was just singing right along. Reggie wouldn't stop talking about how cute she was. She kept lookin our way and I was just stuck staring at her. Reggie would scream and put his hands up. Hahahah. So much fun we freakin had just staring at her ! She sang, LES Artista, Creator, Say Aha, Lights Out, Starstruck, My Superman, AHHH Idk! She was so cuteeeee. Super nice, entertaining! Ahhh I can't stop. ADFKLSJFLK I freakin saw Santogold ! Damnit! I'm so happy! WTF! She's one of my favorite freakin artists. Ok I need to stop before I keep repeating myself.

After went to visit Reggie's family to say hi then sleep sleeeep I went. Woke up, got ready, went to TS with Jonathan and Reg. FREEZING COLD. I was going to cry damnit. Then Jonathan left cuz he went with Nikkis. So Reg and I went home. We were watching that Making the Band tour shit with Day 26 and Danity Kane. Idk I don't watch it but it's the Season Finale or whatever. It was so funny. When they were in Cabo. Then I just played with the kids. Auntie cooked adobo. YUMMMMMM. Then the brohos left. I stayed and played with the kids. Just got home actually RIGHT NOW from playing with them. Hahaha. So sillys they are. Telling me to sleep there ahhah I was too shy to sleep there thought by myself without one of the bros there hahaa. But eh! I'm so sleeeepy.

I also pray for Reggie tomorrow. God Bless you boy. Heart chu.

SIO THIS WEEKEND! asdfhgjkl; Ok goodnight I'm freakin sleepy!

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