Thursday, October 9, 2008

If You Leave

So today, I just hung out around the house till around 5ish? Reggie was gonna pick me up so I can run some errands. He got to my house to eat, and then I hear something outside. Fuckin water shooting up cuz that pipe thing broke. Dang got all flooded in the backyard. Had to ask Reggie's dad to help cuz I didn't know what to do. Ehhh! After went to Albertsons for my tat supplies. Then to UNLV for my practice. While waiting, it was like silence. Hahahaha. Then he on the phone with ppl or something. So I just left because it was awkward silence in the car. I felt proud of myself. Even though I was kind of a bitch to him the whole day, I felt good in the end and kind of bad. But it showed me that I can control and handle situations now with him. I don't get jealous like before. I don't care who he hangs with. I don't mind. I just feel bad that he's all lies to her sometime. Ah I feel so strong right now. He wanted to lay his head in my lap and have me play with his hair. But I said no, and he kept begging and begging me. Ususally I give in, because I was a dumb weak caca. But I kept saying no. Then, of course, he got all mad. Well niggah learn that not every girl will stay by yourside. Shit. Idiot idiot idiot. Hahaha. (My SJ hoe if this is making you upset I don't mean it to. Once again I still gotchuu!)Yeah I miss him sometimes but it's about forgiveness. He still my niggah when he's not being stupid. Just another person to add to my "friends." Fuck this is wasting my blogging space typing about him anyways.

At practice today, Jay taught If You Leave by Musiq. AWWWWW It's so nice. I was sad cuz I thought of him leaving =( I know that songs not about that but still! If you leave ! Self-explanitory! We gonna miss him! Jay that piece was amazing. I love it. Love it. Love it. LOVE YOU! They will love it up in the bay! =) Get em Jay ! Oh so October 17th, it's tha ABDC performance out here in vegas? Idk what it is ! BUt we doing. Then October 18th, SIO! YEE! Hahahah. I'm excited. But I think this will also be my last performance with Meccamee. Or Taking It To The Streets will be my last to finish up the year. I want to start doing what I LOVE TO DO but making it my career. Not just for fun. I have to end it sometime right? I want to get into the industry out here and in LA. It's not going to be easy. UGHH. I'm so stressed I don't know where to start. But I know I will do it ! I can do it ! Be positive. Positive positive positive! I love my life, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm so thankful for my family. How I raised. WOW Idk where this is going. But I'm just so thankful right now ! Ok i'm going to stop before I type a novel. Goodnight !

Ok I have to post this shit that Daff wrote. I think it's the most hilarious thing and fits so many girls hahaa.

Floozie [n.] : a female who fits the typical mold of the senseless girl.

An individual who doesn't know how to say no & falls for all the tricks in the book. She stays around the boys for all the wrong reasons and tries too hard to stay cute. A female who protrays herself to be too damn pretty when all actuality she is just trying to sway her insecurities.She is the homewreker by nature and intent & Snakes her way into everyones business. Shameless in all aspects of her life. Majority of the time you can find her with a posse of other females who are just like her. A type of female who doesn't get a clue. Acceptance and popularity is what this kind of female strives for. She says a lot when it doesn't count, easily taken advantage of and the first to apologize but always sits and takes it. has no taste of self and swag. She is the perfect hype beast in more aspects than just the fashion trends.She will be the first to scrutinize but will fail to check her own. The type of person to think they are mature but in reality is still stuck in the grade school mentality. she is the type of a growing epidemic of female & in the present day makes up the majority.Find a sense of self ladies & don't fall in the floozie epidemic.


  1. It's not you I'm worried about. It's him. I wouldn't blame you if you were to give in, because it's all him. I still understand what goes on in that head of his, and it's so fuckin' frustrating. It's like he has no fuckin' self-control. And guilt never gets to him. AKLJDAKLJDSKLJ FUCK IT.

  2. SKiC I am proud of you. Faak the bullchit boys. Seriously. & again... you're gna make it out there truuust! Just don't forget us little ppl. But we still gotta become roomies in the near future! Seriously!

    & yes! Death to all them stank floozies!