Thursday, October 23, 2008

@ new place

So I'm here just chillen trying to get situated with my room. I cleaned the bathroom up. I'm about to head downstairs to clean in a bit after this blog. So I live on Fort Apache and Sunset (Post). So Reggie picked me up when he went to his moms since I'm on the way to get more of my shit to move to my new house. Jessee was there with the kids so we hung out, caught up with shit. Hella laughing about shit hahaha. Talkin about wth is new. Good shit is all I can say haha. Miss that bitz! Auntie bought pizza for everyone. I ended up watching that Ghost Hunters show with his family all scared and ish. Then I went to wake Reggie up cuz I wanted to go home. So I got some of my shit to move and went home.

Yay Reggie got a job ! He works with Darlene yo! WTF! Small world?! She used to be my best friend, havn't really talked to her in awhile. Wow.

So anyways, some cating director called me and says I qualify for this role. She workd with paramount pictures, warner bros, disney channel, shat IDK! She wants me to be a print model cuz she saw my pictures and what not. I'm kind of scared? Like she said shit about movies and I just got scared. I'm not ready for that. Idk what to do, people say go for it, but all I really want to do is dance. We will see though. IDK! AH Ok i'll update later. Many festivities this weekend =) waHAHAHAHA

DISNEYLAND ON SUNDAY?! =) WAHHHH! I'm excited ! All couples though wtf ! HAHAH We will see though =)

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