Thursday, October 9, 2008

On my mind

Ok I just blogged, but for some reason, I have an interesting topic that comes to my mind. God's limetless love. What other man will love you for all your sins? It's kind of sad how most people come to God when they are in need of help. I try not to talk to God when I JUST need help, but I gotta admit, that's the only time I mainly talk to him. Well not tonight. I'm in need of no help. I just want to acknowledge him. For what he does for us. ALL that he does for us.

I remember reading the bible one day about the parable of the lost son. It's one of my favorites too. Or just the one I remember most. It's about the older brother's envious reaction to his father's generosity. In the story the father obviously represents God and the sons represent each of us at different points in our life. Go find your bible and read it...I don't want to type the whole story cuz it's pretty long...

Well I guess Luke is trying to show us, in the most visual way possible, that there is simply no limit to God's love for us. It is not a conditional love. It is an EXTRAVAGANT, outrageous love. God doesn't hold back. How can we refuse such boundless love? Geez. I always think about this when I never turn to God to show my love. He will always run to you with open arms. Nothing is greater than God. I love him very much. Now everyone, try to pray every night before you sleep! Even if it's just a small one. Even if you don't, he will still love you in the same way.

I can't even imagine half the shit I did wrong in my life. Despite EVERYTHING, I know in my heart he loves me just like he loves you. It amazes me how someone can be so great. Do you agree?

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  1. AMEN. you're very wise lex. thanks for the wonderful insight. we should go to Mass together or just have like bible talk. aw shiz, we're blossoming! haha. (: LOVE YOU!