Friday, October 24, 2008


So! Today I hung out with Mike cuz he came over to visit. Talking bout dancing and what not yada da. Erika came home and we were waiting for Jenny to go home so we can all eat. Reg called me and told me about all the fine girls he saw hahaha. Then I went out to Dennys w/ my roomies. Came home and Reg visited and said our painting was ugly ahahaha. Fucker. Then bye bye Reg, then choreograph!!!

Erika and I have to choreograph for DOHS tmrw.

Update in the morning at 12:20pm!

SO this weekend will be filled with so much!!!! =) Hanging out tonight <3 Then Jay's picnic tomorrow @ 3, Jeka's class @ 7 if I go, then Erika & Jenny are having a Halloween party here @ 10. Then Sunday, DISNEYLAND?! Awww how cueeeez! Man I've been living up life lately =) I've been so happy. Friends are amazing, dancing is lagging but i'm still stoked about everything, my roomies are lovely ladies who I love =), Reggie and I are chill FINALLY, Family is supporting me 100%, idk. I'm so lucky right now is all I can say. "Bare with me..." Okay. I can't stop smiling, I've taken such a big risk and I'm ready for this challenge. With the people I love most right by myside. Well I'm going to get ready,Jenny and I are going to paint our loft. I gotta go HOME<3 first to get my contacts cuz I can't see shit. Mkaaay =) Love you.


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