Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So another amazing inspiration to my dance life, is Miss Mariel Martin. Just watch this and fall in love please haha.

So I will update later about my day and I have a couple of things on my mind again =) Practice tonight @ 7 for ABDC crew and then 9:30 for all. Tomorrow is going to be so fun !!!! ABDC Live auditions, *I hope I meet Fanny Pack. Then Jay's party at Jon D's house! Friday, if we make it, we get to perform at ABDC Live!! Then Saturday is SIO 3! $15 bux pre-sale, $20 @ the door. Yeah expensive I know, but it's JAYMAZINGS LAST PERFORMANCE!!!!! =( Come support. Rascals look good too! So proud of em! But yeah, come watch, it'll be good =) Reggie best wear that Meccamee shirt loud and proud. LMAO! So funny, he asked if he could borrow a shirt when he went to his moms cuz he had no bball shorts and shit couple of days ago, so I gave him my I <3 LV shirt with MECCAMEE written across it, ahhaha he was like WTF?! HAHAHAHHA. Funniest shit. Jonathan was all like wth? Haha. Good job lex way to support Meccamee.

I am in love with Pat Cruz. Update about practice later. The end.

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  1. Okay yeaah, tell me why i saw him wearing that shirt the other day when I saws him on the webcam. He was like "You liiikes?! LV SON!" Oh nigga, please! Hahaha silly!

    Anyways! Good luck with your practice & stuff! Mm! Mariel Martin! =) I'd gladly be a lesbian for her!

    And Pat Cruz, girl you got me droolin' with all of these videos! Hellers, I'm in love!