Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ok SO! Let's just say, I really need to think through everything, live life like a happy person, and continue my everyday shit. Don't think about what's going to happen tomorrow, just go with the flow. =) I'm about to go dance my life away in a bit, SGBM workshop today @ 5.

Follow what my heart says. Ok Lex? Please follow your heart. Someone who loves you but hurt you, who said he'll prove to me that he'll be faithful to me, and take care of me like before, and be there for me,who says he wants me back, or someone who is starting to like you, who doesn't treat you like shit, who takes care of me and loves me the way i am, and supports me 100%. You know what to do Lex.

Do work baby

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  1. Is that even a fuckin' question? If you already learned ANYTHING, of course you already know which way to go. What have you told me? Are you gonna be a fuckin' hypocrite and consider that piece of shit? Probably, both of you can play the game. Like I said, he's yours now. Aren't you so fuckin' happy that he's crawling back to you because you're the closest slut on his list. Keep your mouth & your legs open. You'll get yours.