Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hello there.

I'm hooked on Grey's Anatomy. Ahh, and Jayce here is telling me to "NEVER EVER GO CLUBBING" hahaha. This showww is amazing! "REALLY BAD!" That's what Jayce keeps yelling. Hahahahah! He's just here screaming. I finally get a phone tomorrow, I'm using my mom's old phone, which is (ONCE AGAIN) a razor. But this show, is like touching me in some odd reason. It's making me realize a lot of random things. Haha.

Umm anyways, I really want to go to church today, but by myself, yet again I don't have a car. It's really frustrating...But I just want to sit down by myself, purify my soul, and pray. I know I said before in my past posts that I think it's sad when most people come to God only when they are in desperate need of help. I find it sad that I do it, but at least I do come to him once in awhile. Better than nothing. But it would be nice if I can get in touch with him like I used to months ago. Going to church with my family every Sunday at 5pm =) I kind of miss that. Last time I went to church was what 2 weeks ago? With Ej, but that was like a first in awhile.

asoulchild (10:56:03 AM): Hello I prayed for u..

What else can I update on, ummm! Last night when Ej, Nicole, Erika, Ochedda, & Dom left, I was just chillen in my room watching some of Grey's Anatomy while online, and it's like past 3am, and I hear rocks gettin thrown at my window. Haha then I freakin hear the two laughs that just brighten my day. Freakin Jem and Daff. Buzzed asses coming back from Tao. I guess they door belled many times but my tv was just too freakin loud. So I go outside and they are still throwin rocks at my window HAHA. I'm like uhhh HELLO! AHHAAH. It was sooo funny.

Ok everybody have a lovely day =)

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