Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama Obama Obama!

So what's new?! Nothing much, just went with Reggie to go vote =) But Reg isn't registered haha. Stoops. My uncle and Chanelle were volunteering at the school. It was good to see them =) Chanelle made Reggie register. Good! Dumbs haha. Then my momma made Reggie and I dinner. Then off to practice I went! It was good seeing everyone again! =)

OK SO! I went to Mico's last night, played King's Cup with beer. Just took one shot, then I didn't want to drink anymore! So I went to lay down, and then all of a sudden, Lo and Mico are carrying me outside to the fuckin pool. I'm squirming cuz it's fuckin cold outside and what not and I did NOT want to get thrown in! Of course them two are MUCH stronger than me, and I give up. So they start swaying me right at the edge of the pool and I scream so loud, I did NOT want to go in! I really thought they were playing, then they fuckin threw me in the pool! Omg I was buzzed, so I didn't even catch my breath, and it felt like it took 5 minutes to get to the top of the stupid pool. I was freezing, and I felt like crying HAAHHA. Oh wow. What a gay, then i went to Reggie's place and knocked out on the couch in the movie room. Jonathan gave me blankets and a pillow, and I knocked out like a baby =)

Ah today, we had practice and it was nice. I'm trying to choreograph a new piece, BUT i don't know what to . HMPH! caca =( Ok i'm going to sleep now.


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