Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday afternooooooons

Woke up so tired. Played catch phrase last night with the friends. Daff, Jayce, Bri, & Erika are still here. WOrkshop was INSANE!!!! Holy shit havn't had a challenge like that in awhile. We all woke up fuckin SORE. Vinh is amazingly cutesy. UGHH ahahaha. I love my best friend. YADADA DLOG BRAMA! HAHAHA. I'm so dumb. Haha. Okaaaaay. I might got to mass today at 5pm. We shall see!

I'm so tiredddddd. I think I'm subbing for my Uncle's class THursday. $140.00 for 4 hours =) Yadada! OH and we have practice on Tuesday only this week. Then on Thursday, us Meccamee-ers are going to watch some hypnotist show! For 5 bux! Hella hooked up! I'm excited! Then the 23rd is Inspire in Torrance, California. Oh and my Driver's test is on Wednesday Bitz! =) Hahah shit. Ok I'm going to finish cleaning. This vacuum like don't even work. WTF! Haha. Good day I shall update later!

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