Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So tonight, I was just yapping away on the phone with my boyfriend. I felt like I was talking way too much, but yay for us. Finally getting somewhere =) Aww my boyfriend?! Say whaaat?! Haha. I was asleep earlier, and I woke up cuz it was way too hot. So I felt like blogging...Oh lord. Hmm!

Mico says: "It's nice to see you smiling again.."

Ahh, people notice it. I am so happy where I'm at right now. Yeah there are other things that are still buggin, but I just pretend it's not there. Everything will come together. *holy cow it is so hot right now in my room.* I'm like sweating. It's pretty disgusting.

Today, Mics, Mike, & I went to Premium. Geezez we walked like the whole damn outlet. It was all freezing cold out and what not. Then we met up jayce at Mcdonalds. THey were just talking about the fight while we ate. THen to mico's house. HAHA. Oh his dad. "Dad, Lexi's here..." His Dad: "Oh Ok...Wait what's your name Kriselle?!" HAHAHAH! I was dying so hard. Omgsh Mico and I kept laughing for a minute in the car hahahahaha. I was all saying what if I named my daughter that...HAHA! "So your name came from Uncle Mico's pops.." Omgsh we are so dumb. I love my Michaelangelo! Anyways...

Ahhh I <3 my boyfriend =) Can I say you are so amazing?! Oh geeezez. Ew I don't wanna get all lovey dovey...But DAMMMMMN. Babycakes, you make me feel on top of the world. I love what people say about us =) Nothing but GOOD things. No doubts from anyone either haha. Aww we going to do so much together, cuz I know you wont break my heart. I can't wait till we collab! You going to smash me at gay hop...oh gosh, baby you are becoming such a great dancer. I love it...=) Only time can tell how we will end up, but regardless of what happens, I know we will always be close. Laaahhh juhh niggah! =)

Lexi, is Lexi again =) Haha ewwww!

Ok cute ass! hahahaha. Aww this picture is so damn cute =) My lovely boyfriend everyone. Haha geezez why don't I just tell the whole world. I feel so gay right now. Haha


  1. Chedda: FINAL freakin LEE!!! hahah..it still hasnt kicked it yet but ill telll you when it does..haha (my bestfriend has a girlprend??) lol.. well hope to see you sometime thiis weekend. bye lexii!!!

  2. cuuuuuteee i love you !!!
    & i love lexej. =]